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Music Review: Shébani – Lean On You (Featuring James Chatburn)

Music Review: Shébani – Lean On You (Featuring James Chatburn)

This track has soul and sustenance! Shébani’s newest single “Lean On You” featuring songwriter James Chatburn pumps out a perfect blend of retro 70’s funk and modern R&B sounds. A song that was written in 2020, Shébani talks about feeling isolated, tired and worn out within the confines of her bedroom and longing to find someone to lean on. The track was written by Shébani, produced by James Chatburn and the mastering was tasked to Zino Mikorey. We are exploding with love for all these UAE & Berlin based artists and cannot wait to hear Shebani’s full length debut album in 2023 to be produced by James Chatburn once again. Ultimately this song is genuine, authentic and makes us feel less alone about our feelings and anxieties. 

Shébani is great for fans of: Alicia Keys, Dwight & Nicole, Lady Wray.

Listen to her single “Lean On You” below or check her out on our R&B Vibes playlist:

You can find her online at: 

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Music Review: Coldway – Plans

Music Review: Coldway – Plans

We’ve got plans for you to listen to Coldway’s new single titled “Plans”. This Electro-pop / R&B artist caught our attention because who doesn’t love a chill sexy track that reminds you of Anderson .Paak and The Weekend? This artist from Memphis can sing, rap and produce! And his new self-produced track is a phenomenal R&B rendition that reminds of all those factual capabilities. Not new to the scene and with much experience Coldway brings us a sonic piece of art where we can relax and chill under the night sky. 

You can check out Coldway’s new single below or on our R&B Vibes playlist:

Coldway is online at:

Exciting Announcements for the UP family.

Exciting Announcements for the UP family.

Lots of awesome news to share with you all today.

First, we are pleased to announce that we will soon be starting our new podcast radio show “The UP Radio Show”. 

This podcast will include our monthly mixtape roundups which includes songs from all the artists and bands we reviewed and interviewed. We will also have our #newmusicfriday episodes where we will share additional music we think you will love! We do plan to do podcast interviews in the future. 

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Second, we are re-branding! We really liked what we had before but we felt we needed to update our look and feel to match what we have in our hearts! So we introduce to you our re-brand today. It reflects our mission to bring forward some of the best unseen music. We’re serious about our work as music curators and needed our logo to showcase the long hours we put into that.

And we will make sure to repurpose our older posts with our new logo. We don’t mind reposting some of the artists we’ve been promoting these past few months. 

That is what were all about! Helping people find great music and helping artists/bands be seen and heard!


Music Review: Arin – Own Worst Enemy

Music Review: Arin – Own Worst Enemy

If you are seeking a song about “fucking up” then we highly recommend Arin, an electro-pop songwriter from London, UK. His new single titled “Own Worst Enemy” speaks to the hearts of the self-inflicted strugglers of the world. Arin’s take on hanging out with exes is brilliant, beautiful and messy. The emotions throughout the song really paint the picture of what loneliness can do to you if you give up on yourself and ignore your intuition. Compared to his past releases, we feel that it’s one of his best songs so far and we hope to see this artist get the attention he deserves.

You can listen to Own Worst Enemy below and on our Electro-Pop Mix:

Find Arin online at: