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Song of the Month: Holler – Tell Me (What I want to Hear)

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jul 24, 2022

We thought long and hard for our song of the month and we decided it would be the band named HOLLER and their new single “Tell Me (What I want to Hear)”. They are a 4 piece indie band from the UK that we are stoked to introduce to you!

Their new song “Tell Me” is catchy and one of the best indie pop songs we’ve reviewed on Unseen Plays so far. The drums pop out, the guitars feel like they lead the story and the vocals are simply on point. The song follows a story of two teenagers that no matter what they do they can’t seem to make their relationship work. A classic and meaningful “coming of age” tune that you can almost touch and feel with your imagination but if you want a music video instead you can watch it below. We hope to see more from this band in the future! A “must listen to” track for indie pop lovers.

Check out Holler’s “Tell Me (What I want to Hear)” below:

You can find Holler online at: