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About Unseen Plays

OUR Mission

Our mission is to bring unseen music to the forefront.


Our Story

Unseen Plays began with a dream to build an online space where emerging artists and bands could get ahead with valuable and organic press. A blog built by artists for artists, we want to help bring the best unseen music to those that love it as much as we do. Exposing new music and helping good music get ahead is what we aim to do!

Recently we also added our UP Podcast Radio Show where we showcase everything we include on our blog as well as additional music we discover. Our two podcast segments include our bi-weekly #UNSEENFRIDAYS and our end of the month #UPROUNDUP episode that we hope we can grow over time with you.


The focus is an ad-free music experience

Our blog is an Ad-Free Independant Music Discovery Blog & Podcast Radio Show. We believe creating distraction free spaces for music and we want to be part of pioneering that.


How You Can Help Us Keep Running

Since we are an indie ad-free blog here are some ways you can help us keep hunting for really great music online:

1. Spread the word as a listener! If you like a song you found through our site, share it with the share buttons found in each article.

2. Spread the word as an artist or band! If you’ve been featured on our site, share it! Link back to us on your website, facebook or instagram. A small shout out goes a long way and it’s FREE.

3. Buy us a cup of coffee for our long hours of searching for music and creating great content! And consider giving a small monthly donation via Ko-Fi.

4. Use MusoSoup for your music submissions! Anytime you use MusoSoup you are helping curators and blogs keep the doors open.



We are always seeking new team members to join the UP family. If you are a writer and love music as much as we do please join us! We are open to having guests / collaborations on our blog. Contact us at writers(at)unseenplays(dot)com.


Legal stuff

Any and all music, videos, photos, logos and any other promo material shared within our podcast radio show, Spotify playlists, music reviews, music interviews and social media accounts is owned by the artists, bands and labels. We do not claim any rights to these materials. Usage of these materials are granted  to Unseen Plays when such artists, bands and labels agree or accept to be featured on our website/blog, podcast radio show, Spotify playlists, and all social media accounts. If at anytime credit needs to be given or you would like to take something down please email us at submit(at)unseenplays(dot)com.

© 2022 Unseen Plays. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of any written material without express and written permission from this blog’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited.  The artists and bands that have been featured on our blog can use excerpts of our writing as long as credit is given to Unseen Plays.



We are blogging and discovering new music from sunny Arizona, USA!