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A quick message from the Head Writer @ UP

Hey thanks for coming by to my music blog! Before jumping into the submission process I would like to start off by saying that your music is valuable and I encourage you to keep writing no matter what happens after you submit your music to UNSEEN PLAYS. I am pretty selective in the music I choose to share but I take the time to listen to every submission with love. Please make sure to read the submission guidelines below for best outcomes.

Wishing you the best, Rebel.

How to submit your music


If you are interested in a written review or interview we require a $10 donation that we use to support our writers and to maintain our music blog.

Written Interviews are completed online via Google Doc and will include 10 questions. We will also embed your song via spotify + add your social media links within the blog post. Turnaround time 3-4 days after your submission if you submit your questions quickly.

Single Reviews are up to 150 words in length (but can be shorter) and will include an honest review of your song. We will also embed your song via spotify + add your social media links within the blog post. Turnaround time 3-4 days after your submission.

Additional features includes: Free Spotify Playlist Placement and Social Media Promotion. We do not sell placements in our Spotify Playlists ever!



You can donate by clicking the “support us” button on this website or by visiting our Ko-fi directly at: https://ko-fi.com/unseenplays 

Once your donation is complete please return to this page and submit your music via the form below. We will respond back within a few hours via email to confirm your donation and form submission. Please make sure to attach all necessary information asked through the form.

READ THIS: Submission Guidelines

1. To use the form below you must be an Independent Artist or Band. We do not accept PR firm representation.

2. We only accept single songs at the moment. No EP’s or Albums.

3. Your single must be newly released and no older than 3 months.

4. Your genre must be: Pop, Pop-Punk, Indie, Alternative, R&B/Soul, and any subgenre.

5. We do not accept Instrumentals (music with no vocals or lyrics).

6.  A Press Release is Mandatory for your submission.

What is a press release?

A music press release is a written statement to various media outlets that inform them of a release or an event. ” – Music Gateway

7. Your music must sound professionally recorded. Any tracks that aren’t will not be featured.

8. We require that you have your submission on Spotify if you want your music embedded and features on our playlist.

Submission Form

Please make sure you read the details above before submitting your music! Donation is required for interviews and reviews.