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Hey there! Thanks for coming to visit our blog! If you are here we are hoping that you’ve already established an idea of who we are and what we do, if not feel free to check out our about page to learn more about us.

We are constantly discovering new music we can share and are happy you are here considering getting some press from Unseen Plays for your new music release.

Below you are going to find all the information on how to submit your music to us – we provide music reviews, music interviews, playlist placement and podcast radio showcase + more.

Can’t wait to take a listen to what you’ve got! WE LISTEN TO IT ALL.


How to submit your music

Here are 3 ways to submit your music to us, from best to okay:

BEST CHOICE #1) Submit your music via MusoSoup.

GOOD CHOICE #2 ) Submit your music for free with the form below.

OKAY CHOICE #3 ) Submit directly over email at submit(at)unseenplays(dot)com


READ THIS: Submission Guidelines

We are excited to hear your music but before you submit please make sure that: your genre fits with our blog (Pop, Indie Pop, Pop Punk, Electro Pop,  Alt Pop, R&B) and that your release is new or released in the past 3 months. We do not accept instrumentals, beats or music that is not mixed and mastered professionally.

Other than that! Send us your best song. We will respond within 1-4 days (MusoSoup & Form Submission are fastest) and will give you more details about our press options if your submission is accepted. If for any reason you are not selected we will still respond and let you know why.

P.S. Heads up! Those that submit an EPK link will most likely be given priority and taken more seriously over artists and bands who do not submit one. It’s helpful to our writers and we totally appreciate it!