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Music Review: Shébani – Lean On You (Featuring James Chatburn)

Music Review: Shébani – Lean On You (Featuring James Chatburn)

This track has soul and sustenance! Shébani’s newest single “Lean On You” featuring songwriter James Chatburn pumps out a perfect blend of retro 70’s funk and modern R&B sounds. A song that was written in 2020, Shébani talks about feeling isolated, tired and worn out within the confines of her bedroom and longing to find someone to lean on. The track was written by Shébani, produced by James Chatburn and the mastering was tasked to Zino Mikorey. We are exploding with love for all these UAE & Berlin based artists and cannot wait to hear Shebani’s full length debut album in 2023 to be produced by James Chatburn once again. Ultimately this song is genuine, authentic and makes us feel less alone about our feelings and anxieties. 

Shébani is great for fans of: Alicia Keys, Dwight & Nicole, Lady Wray.

Listen to her single “Lean On You” below or check her out on our R&B Vibes playlist:

You can find her online at: 

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Music Review: Coldway – Plans

Music Review: Coldway – Plans

We’ve got plans for you to listen to Coldway’s new single titled “Plans”. This Electro-pop / R&B artist caught our attention because who doesn’t love a chill sexy track that reminds you of Anderson .Paak and The Weekend? This artist from Memphis can sing, rap and produce! And his new self-produced track is a phenomenal R&B rendition that reminds of all those factual capabilities. Not new to the scene and with much experience Coldway brings us a sonic piece of art where we can relax and chill under the night sky. 

You can check out Coldway’s new single below or on our R&B Vibes playlist:

Coldway is online at:

Music Review: Jordan Bakewell – Freaky

Music Review: Jordan Bakewell – Freaky

It’s been a while since I’ve listened to those early iconic R&B artists like Craig David, Usher and boy band group B2K but when I came across Jordan Bakewell that’s exactly what I heard as I played through his latest track. This young aspiring singer-songwriter from the UK does a great job taking you back to the early 2000’s with his new single called “Freaky”. This song’s vibe is nostalgic, wild and sexy. A song to keep away from your mother and one you’d want playing when you’re getting ready to hit those sheets. With smooth vocals and catchy pick up lines I am sure this song would be loved by R&B listeners who dig the early 2000’s. We hope to hear Jordan develop and tighten his sound as he continues to produce more music in the future!

You can listen to Jordan Bakewell below:

Visit Jordan online:

Music Interview with Sage Phoenix

Music Interview with Sage Phoenix

We got to interview Sage Phoenix! A really great R&B singer-songwriter from Texas. We’ve been seeing a spike in talent in this state and are excited to have her on Unseen Plays. Make sure to listen to her latest single “Without Your Love” on Spotify.

UP: Tell us a bit about yourself, where you are from, and your music background. Where did music begin for you?

Sage Phoenix: Thanks for having me! My name is Sage Phoenix I just turned 22 on June 9th. I was born in Dallas TX but I was raised in Longview TX. I’ve been into music since I was 9 years old but music began for me when I was first introduced to Michael Jackson. I was so inspired by his music videos that as I got older I started making my own in 2016 to practice dancing and singing. After that, I started focusing on myself, and here we are.

UP: Do you produce/write your music? Or do you have a team behind you? I’d love to know more about how your music comes together / your music process

Sage Phoenix: I do write my music and I’ve collaborated with some amazing producers. I usually just take a personal experience and I put it in my songs it’s very therapeutic for me and I hope it helps my listeners get through the same things. There are times when I just come up with an idea or get inspired by a song and it all falls into place beautifully.

UP: Looking at your music discography you have mostly singles coming out. Do you plan to do a full EP or album in the future? If yes, when can we expect such a release?

Sage Phoenix: I am planning an Album. I’m looking forward to putting it out by the end of the year.

UP: Where does your inspiration come from when singing or writing music?

Sage Phoenix: My identity and my personal experiences are my inspiration. I’m inspired by Michael Jackson, Luther Vandross and so many more. I love to experiment with my voice often so you’ll hear a dash of those in my singing.

UP: Hopefully, this isn’t too off-topic but you have a great voice! Do you have any pointers for an aspiring singer? Any tips or advice?

Sage Phoenix: Thanks so much! My tips are to practice every day even when you don’t want to and invest in a vocal coach. For example, I wanted to find my sound and learn more things so I invested in a wonderful vocal coach named Roxy Kerr. She’s amazing and she helped me quite a lot. My advice is to follow your heart and do what works for you, do what makes you feel good, follow your intuition and live in your truth.

UP: How often do you perform and do you have any upcoming shows where someone can come by and support you?

Sage Phoenix: I’m looking into doing my first live performance at the Kitchen Studios in Dallas, Texas. I would love to do more shows and perform. I have not performed on stage yet but I would love to and am looking forward to it.

UP: Tell us something that people wouldn’t know about you, I think every artist is more than an artist, we are human beings at the end of the day. Tell us something about you!

Sage Phoenix: I’d like to be a bartender and attend bartending school. I am also learning French right now.

UP: All right, now let’s get into your beautiful single called “Without Your Love”. What is this song about?

Sage Phoenix: Without Your Love is about being left behind by someone you loved and reminiscing on a first love lost.

UP: Can we see an expansion of this song in the future or maybe an entire EP or Album after this single?

Sage Phoenix: For sure! This song is the first single off my debut album and a remix is definitely in the works so stay tuned! I’m excited about what’s to come!

UP: I was listening to another single you have titled “Superhero”. I have to ask – who is your superhero?

Sage Phoenix: My mom is my Superhero! She’s the Queen and who I was referring to in my song. I love my mom so much and I don’t know where I’d be without her.

UP: At Unseen Plays, another thing we wanna do is help other artists, is there any fan base growth advice you can give another artist?

Sage Phoenix: Use social media the right way. An active presence on social media in this digital age is extremely important especially when marketing music. I’m still learning and growing on how to use social media as an artist but my advice would be to not be afraid to try new things or experiment and never shy away from seeing what works for you online.

UP: Lastly, where is the best place for a new listener to check you out and build a relationship with you?

Sage Phoenix: My Instagram is @Officialsagephoenix. I’m there all the time. You can always follow me and say hi. I’m always open to meeting new people, friends and connecting with people who love my music.

Music Review: Silk Young – Vibes

Music Review: Silk Young – Vibes

With all the rage in the world happening in the US right now I think we could all use a slow jam to change the mood . Silk Young’s newest single titled “Vibes” , with over 19,000 plays on Spotify, is a perfect blend of R&B and Neo-Soul. This Nigerian-American recording artist and musician from Houston, Texas is bringing you a song to make you feel brave, beautiful, and alive. The energy is definitely at 100!

Take a listen to her newest single “Vibes” below:

Check out Silk Young online: