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Why music blogs aren’t dead and why they still matter

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by | Jul 11, 2022

For some reason, there is a message going around that music blogs are dead. It seems like many music marketing pros and non-bloggers are saying that it’s all a waste of time for artists and bands and they should stay clear of it. Today I am here to tell you why that is not the case and why submitting your music to blogs should still be something you do when you are preparing to release your new music to the world. It’s not dead, it’s far from it. I’ll get straight to the point and share my thoughts quickly.

4 Reasons you should still submit to music blogs

1 ) You want to be found online in all ways possible

Right now, at this second, there are millions of artists and bands releasing new music and that music will need to find a space where it can be heard and seen. Yes, we have music distributors that will get you on every listening platform available but you also still need to be found through the search engines and there is no better way than to be included via a music blog! SEO baby! Organic Search Engine Optimization is still something any artist can benefit from. Get your music found online in all ways possible including Google.

2 ) Blogs help listeners to find your music online

Here is a great example. You just released your music on Spotify! Great. Now what? The only way listeners can find you is by directly searching for you, finding you on a popular music playlist or by ads you put out. Remember how I said there are tons of releases every day? Well, how will you get past all the music that is being released? All the clutter and distractions? A blog can help! People still use music blogs to find their next favorite song because it’s easier than having to search and dig through all the madness. 

3 ) Blogs give unseen music and artists a chance

I always thought traditional radio sucked because they are on the air 24/7 and all they do is play the same hit songs over and over. Think about it! Your song is 3-4 minutes long and these radio stations won’t give any new artist or song a minute of play. Now, I am not bashing and there are still some cool radio stations out there but this is where blogs come in to save the day once again! Music blogs give artists and bands a chance for some spotlight! Whether that is through a music review or interview, blogs give out love when all other outlets simply don’t. 

4 ) Press is still very important

Need your EPK to stand out? Want to book more gigs? Want to get signed by a label? Well, press still matters for all of that! Blogs are used by music reps to find new talent and give you credibility. Being featured on any site is a good sign that the music is worth a listen and anyone seeking for music will take you more seriously.

I could go on but I think I’ll stop here. I think all forms of music promotion are great. Whether that is a blog, a playlist placement or radio play, etc. I don’t think we should ever bash the different music release strategies that are out there and instead use everything in our power to get our music heard. Music blogs are still very essential in an artist’s career for a strong online presence and will always be a piece to the puzzle of telling an artist’s story. If you are a DIY or unsigned artists don’t be fooled by the power of a blog post!

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