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Music Review: Wotts – No Take Backs

Music Review: Wotts – No Take Backs

Music Review: Wotts – No Take Backs

Wotts is a duo Indie Pop band from Ottawa, Canada, and this past month they released their latest single called “No Take Backs”. This song reminds us of bands like Foster the People, MGMT, Tame Impala, M83, and other artists in that plane field. No Take Backs is a truly remarkable song with plenty of smooth and chill atmospheric sounds in the background while the foreground has plenty of catchy vocals and lines to take us through the clouds. We love the vibe of the song, it gets us in a stress-free mood. Who needs a joint when you’ve got Wotts playing? We hope this duo brings us more masterpieces in the future!

Listen to Wotts single “No Take Backs” below or give it a full listen on our Unseen Indie Pop Playlist:

You can find Wotts online at:

Music Review: Numbers Don’t Count – I’ll Be There

Music Review: Numbers Don’t Count – I’ll Be There

Let me start by saying that it is so refreshing to know that there are still bands out in the world creating really good music and Numbers Don’t Count is one of those bands. The stuff on the radio cannot compare to what can be found online and we are really happy to be featuring Number Don’t Count’s newest single “I’ll Be There” this week.

I’ll be there is completely playful, lively, and reminiscent of a 60’s rock song made for the future. According to what we learned about the Berlin duo band and song, this is another COVID baby, meaning it was a tune that was made during the lockdowns. It’s crazy to think how many great songs came out of sitting alone at home but although it was made at home it was recorded in Berlin’s underground studio called The Famous Gold Watch. If you’re looking for a song to make you dance with friends and something to get out of your head, this will do!

You will like Numbers Don’t Count if you are into the earlier days of Hot Hot Heat, The Bravery, or maybe even Franz Ferdinand.

Listen to Numbers Don’t Count single “I’ll Be There” below or give it a full listen on our Unseen Alternative Playlist:

You can find Numbers Don’t Count online at:

Music Review: The VOO – Me and My Ego

Music Review: The VOO – Me and My Ego

If you consistently blast stoner Rock N Roll out your speakers then you will enjoy The VOO and their latest single “Me and My Ego”. The duo band from Germany consists of Ben Galliers (Vocals and Guitar) and Andrew Krell (Double Bass) who recently passed away in January of 2022 in the middle of recording their full-length album titled “Brother VOO”. Aside from such sad news, listening to this song takes us back to the 60s for a dance-off. The vocals are macho, the guitars are surfer, the bass is boomy, and the lyrics make you wanna befriend your inner ego! If you ask us, this is our favorite VOO release so far.

If you are interested in listening further, the full album titled Brother VOO will be released on October 7th, 2022 in honor and dedication to Andrew Krell. May Andrew be jamming up in heaven!

Listen to The VOO’s single “Me and My Ego” below or give it a full listen on our The Unseen Playlist:

You can find The VOO on:

Song of the Month: Jake Buckley – Sleeping with the Lights On

Song of the Month: Jake Buckley – Sleeping with the Lights On

Although this song might seem new to you, Jake Buckley is not new to music. His new single titled Sleeping with the Light On is a great example of the genius within to write killer music. Recently, after many years of being in other bands and writing music for others, Jake made the decision to go solo and finally explore his own creativity. Listening to his latest release we can hear him getting through his own personal storms and all the latest positive changes. Jake struggled with alcohol and drug addiction throughout his life and has been sober for 3 years now. We can clearly see the strength music has given him and all the inspiration he has gained from this rebirth. His new song is a feel good anthem anyone can turn up on a fucked up day, it will cheer you up and give you the energy to keep going. One of our favorites and our Song of the Month for a reason! 

Listen to Jake Buckley’s single “Sleeping with the Light On” below or give it a full listen on our Indie Pop Spotify Playlist:

You can find Jake Buckley on:

Photo Credit: Ian Marshall

Music Interview with Anna Katarina

Music Interview with Anna Katarina

UP: Hey Anna! We are pumped to feature you on Unseen Plays. Let’s start this interview off with something we like to ask almost all the artists we feature. How did you get started in music? Where are you from? And really what led you to where you are now with your music? 

Anna Katarina: I’m from Nelson, British Columbia – it’s a small but lively picturesque mountain town between Vancouver and Calgary. Music is just in my blood and always has been. There are videos of me dancing and singing since I was 3 years old, and I just never stopped! My mom put me in classical piano when I was 4, which is a big part of my foundation both musically and in regards to work ethic. From there I expanded into voice, violin, flute, and guitar. I’m an adventurer and love trying new things and exploring the world but there is something inside me that has always kept me coming back to music. I credit my success thus far to my incredibly supportive family and a lot of hard work! I feel so grateful for my circumstances but it’s important to acknowledge how much work I’ve put in – it feels really good to be seeing results!

UP: What were some of your inspirations for your new single “December”?

Anna Katarina: Musical influences for this track were Taylor Swift’s Folklore and elements of Maggie Rogers but once I got in the studio I think it took on a truly unique flavour that is my sound. Starting off with these artists as influences made me consider ways to differentiate the parts of the song that are less intuitive to me. I can sing high – so it’s natural to move into a higher register to make a section (usually chorus) pop. I didn’t want to do that with this tune, so I focused more on rhythm and groove within the vocal melody. That ended up giving more room for the bass and higher synth lines.

UP: Give us a bit more details on “December”. What’s it about? 

Anna Katarina: I wanted to write a song about a specific moment in time. ‘December’ captures a conversation I had on a snowy dark road in rural British Columbia. It was melancholic and sad but overall for the best because it brought more closure and also made me realize how much better of a place I’m in now. 

UP: Do you write and produce most of your music? And have you collaborated or worked with anyone else in the past few years? 

Anna Katarina: I write all of my music. I do collaborations too, but this album is all me. Recent cowrites have been ‘Lost Without You’ with Peruvian producer/musician, Gunter Brenner; ‘Let You Down’ with Vancouver-artist, Chris Sol; and many of the songs released under my indie-folk project Rumour Mill with Aline Daigle. I love producing but not alone – I want to be fully involved because it’s my sound and me being represented, but I need to have another producer in the room. It makes for a much more creative and easeful process. It can be tricky finding the right person, but Andy Schichter and I were the perfect match for this project. He’s very creative and comes up with great parts, and is always willing to try any of my ideas.

UP: What would you say is your favorite instrument or tool for writing music? 

Anna Katarina: Most recently I’ve been alternating between writing on guitar and piano. Sometimes I like to start a song without an instrument – just with vocals, adding the harmony later. Sometimes I set a parameter to work within: like writing using a specific groove or chordal structure. Other times, I just mess around and see what happens. I’ve also found it helpful to write on instruments I don’t often play because I’m less familiar with what chords are where so I often end up with interesting ideas that I wouldn’t have come up with on an instrument I know well.  

UP: Here is our random question that we always include in our interviews. What’s one book you’d recommend to read and why? 

Anna Katarina: Pillars of The Earth by Ken Follet. It’s historical, dramatic, revealing, a bit sexy, and is hard to put down. I have also been loving Kate Quinn’s books on World War 2. I like historical fiction a lot. 

UP: Lastly, what’s the best place to check out your music and learn more about Anna Katarina? 

Anna Katarina: All the usual suspects – Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, etc. The album is out on October 14th and will be for sale on Bandcamp and in physical form. Keep up to date with my journey on my email list (annakatarinamusic.com) and Instagram/TikTok, both @annakatarinamusic. 🙂 I also have a Patreon for those interested in being part of my journey. 

Photo Credit: Daddy Leica