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Music Review:  L E A – F U LOL

Music Review: L E A – F U LOL

We’re so happy to have run into Los Angeles based artist called L E A and her latest single called “F U LOL”. Keeping to the times, L E A is bringing back some great pop punk tunes into the genre everyone says is” dead”. F U LOL has over 11,000 plays on Spotify and we think that’s because the tune simply rocks! The song is full of energy, confidence, and the tune has the essence of punk deep within its veins. The lyrics clearly tell the story of a really bad break up where the main character is ready to give back what they received at the end. It’s revengeful and sorta sexy! Almost 10 stars for a tune that makes us wanna throw shit at the wall.

Listen to L E A’s single “FU LOL” below or give it a full listen on our Pop Punk Spotify Playlist:

You can find L E A on:

Music Review: Ollie Twohill – Neverland

Music Review: Ollie Twohill – Neverland

Ollie Twohill is an Australian artist that is coming to us with his 6th single titled “Neverland”. With a classic pop-punk sound and original theme, this song is perfect for anyone feeling like they are being hassled in today’s changing world. According to Ollie Twohill, this track Neverland was inspired by the 1963 children’s picture book Where the Wild Things Are and is dedicated to giving listeners a place to go when the world is feeling heavy. Neverland allows us to drift off to a place where we can feel a sense of relief to just be ourselves and subliminally reminds us to be kind to people. A perfect upbeat pop-punk song that makes us feel happy to be alive and skate for another day. 

Listen to Ollie Twohill’s new single “Neverland” below or give it a full listen on our Pop-Punk Spotify Playlist with more artist just like Ollie:

You can find Ollie Twohill on:

Photo Credit: Jay Penfold Photography

Music Interview with Among Legends

Music Interview with Among Legends

UP: What’s up Among Legends! UP is so happy to have you and excited to get to know your music. Let’s start with the basics. What’s your band’s origin story? How did you guys come together and start creating such awesome pop-punk music!

Among Legends: HELLO!! It’s very nice to have a chance to chat with you. Thanks for asking us to do this! I think our band started similarly to a lot of other bands – we were a trio just interested in playing covers of songs we liked, and then eventually decided to challenge ourselves to write original music. At early shows, it was Cameron on guitar, Anthony on bass, and me on vocals and drums. Eventually, Sara joined the band on drums, and Tyler joined as a 2nd guitarist, and we’ve been a 5-piece since mid-2017!

I think our influences have kinda set us somewhere between 90s punk rock and modern pop-punk. Cameron and Tyler love the sounds of 2010s and 2020s alternative music, and they’re always sending us wicked bands at the forefront of that world. Sara, Anthony, and I mostly gravitate towards high-energy stuff that’s a little rougher around the edges, and I think that creates a cool balance within the band where the music is forward-looking but has a little bit of a call-back to pop-punk’s roots.

UP: Looking over your History, you guys have been around for a while. Tell us, has anything positively changed for you guys in the last few years in regards to your music? And what sort of things have you been doing with the band that’s different than what you’ve done before? This could be anything!

Among Legends: Shows are back, so that’s a positive change in the past little while! The pandemic has been tough, but it allowed us to try out some stuff that I don’t think we would’ve tried otherwise. Our upcoming record was mixed remotely, including a marathon Zoom session with the producer where we did final edits to every song in one virtual room. We were also able to get more comfortable recording music remotely, which has led to demos for future music sounding a lot better than they did before. So for all its frustrations, I think the past few years have included a lot of really cool learning and applying skills we might’ve avoided in other situations.

UP: What’s your newest single? And tell us a bit about your song. What’s it about? Can we expect another EP or Album soon?

Among Legends: The latest single is called Magnolia, and it’s the final single to be released before our debut full-length record drops on Friday, July 8! It’s a breakup song, but not in the traditional sense – there’s no anger or blame in the song, just a story about 2 people who grow apart over the course of some time. There’s a music video for it streaming on Little Rocket Records’ YouTube channel, where folks can also find our other two singles for the album, Monochrome and Come Up Swinging.

Each single is a little different – Come Up Swinging is a high-energy punk rock song about overcoming adversity, Monochrome is one of our fastest songs and deals with mental health struggles, and Magnolia is a little more like a ballad, but it’s got a cool, heavier thing going on in the middle of the song.

We’re stoked about the album. It’s called Take Good Care, and it’ll be out everywhere on July 8. The pandemic delayed things for everyone – us included – so it’s extra exciting to be releasing the record after a long wait! The guitars are loud, the drums are big, the vocal harmonies are on point, and the bass lines are from another dimension. I can’t wait.

UP: What are your favorite bands of 2022? Any new pop-punk music you found that we should know about?

Among Legends: We’re release-date buddies with another Ontario band, Oakrest, so I gotta give them a shoutout! They’re releasing their debut LP the same day as us, July 8, and the singles have been terrific so far. And a little later this summer, another band in our area, Incase We Crash, has an LP coming out – I think it might be their first full-length as well. It’s a good summer for Ontario bands!

I listened to the new Grumpster record this weekend and really liked it. And the song Pinkshift released earlier this year is awesome – hoping this means a full-length record from them might be coming soon!

UP: Are you guys touring now or planning to in the future? Any big gigs or festivals we should know about?

Among Legends: July 9-16 we’re doing a small tour out to the Canadian Maritimes and back: Kitchener, Montreal, Charlottetown, Fredericton, Rimouski, Ottawa, and ending in Toronto. It’s our official run of shows to promote the new album, and it’ll be the first time we’ve been able to get further east than Quebec!

UP: Fun Question! Tell us about one band secret we shouldn’t know about and swore you’d never tell anyone! Go!

Among Legends: Every once in a while we write a part that’s slightly too complicated to do consistently, so someone else in the band becomes an additional limb for the person performing the hard part. There’s one crash cymbal on February 1st that I hit while Sara played other parts of the drum kit, and there’s a guitar pedal click on the new record that Cameron did by hand while Tyler was focused on clicking other pedals. We have a great video of Cameron slamming his hand onto Tyler’s pedalboard at the critical moment, which will NEVER BE RELEASED SO DON’T EVEN THINK ABOUT ASKING.

UP: All right, where can music lovers get in touch with you and listen to your music? You can pick your favorites online spots.

Among Legends: The best place to go is amonglegends.com! It’s a one-stop place for streaming links, merch store, tour dates, and more. Our debut LP is coming out on July 8, and it’ll be streaming everywhere – or you can pick up vinyl, CDs, or hand-painted cassette tapes all from our merch store. And just so everyone knows, we’re cool with illegal downloads as long as you share the music with a friend.

Music Interview with Henry K

Music Interview with Henry K

UP: What’s up Henry K! At Unseen Plays we like to tell the artist or band’s story. Can you tell us how you got started with music and how it led you to where you are now with your music?

Henry K: I first got into music when I was around ten or eleven and I got my first acoustic guitar. I played around with it a lot, and with my parents’ support, I took lessons for a good while. Years went by until my love for music took over me again during the 2020 pandemic. Being stuck at home my guitar became my best friend, and about a year later I released my first song.  

UP: Your newest single “Stay” must mean something to you, can you tell us what it’s about?

Henry K: A lot of people come and go in everybody’s lives, but sometimes there’s a special person that makes it so hard to let go, and you wish they could “Stay”. That’s what this song is all about. A relationship is no longer working, but you are not okay with losing that person just yet.

UP: Have you always played Pop Punk music or is this a new sound you’ve recently come across? We’ve talked to artists on our blog before where the music genre shifts or changes from time to time. Or was this always the genre you chose to express yourself in?

Henry K: I always loved Pop Punk music, before I even knew what it was or what it was called, I just knew that it sounded so awesome to me. Pop Punk is responsible for a lot of my musical taste and my love for guitars. My music tends to lean towards this style, however, I never limit the possibilities. Being a producer myself, I like to experiment with different sounds, and while Pop Punk has a special place in my music, I’ll play around with different genres.

UP: What artists or bands influenced you growing up?

Henry K : This could easily be an entire paragraph. So many bands and artists influenced me, but if I had to pick a few of them it would be: blink-182, Linkin Park, Green Day, and Paramore.

UP: If you could have a guest or featured artists on any of your songs for vocals. Who would it be and why?

Henry K: I admire a lot of artists, but when it comes to vocals there are a few that stand out so much to me. If I had the chance I would have YUNGBLUD on one of my songs. I like the raspiness in his voice and how unique it sounds.

UP: Fun Question time! If you could get anything tattooed what would that be? And where would you put it on your body! Go! 

I would get a firefly on my right arm. May seem very random but I do have my reasons.

UP: All right, where can people check you out and what is the most active place you linger on when it comes to social media?

My music is available on all streaming services, search for “Henry K”. You can also check out my YouTube channel for some cool music videos. I am very active on my Instagram (@henryk_official), so if you want to stay up to date with me, go follow!

Music Review: Penny Bored – Cherry Chapstick

Music Review: Penny Bored – Cherry Chapstick

Mental Illness, it’s real, it happens and it’s totally okay! We recently came across Penny Bored, a pop-punk solo project that is pushing the message that you’re never alone. We all know how therapeutic music can be so today we really wanted to showcase their new song “Cherry Chapstick”! I am not gonna lie when I heard the title it made me think about Katy Perry’s song (off topic) but Penny Bored is far from that in a really good way.

Cherry Chapstick is bittersweet, upbeat and fucked, all at the same time. The song follows the story of two lovers that feed off each others insecurities and wounds. Throughout the song there is a lot of questioning going around on whether or not they belong together. The lyrics make you feel the the high and the angst of being with someone that makes your heart beat a million miles per hour.

You can listen to Penny Bored below and on our UNSEEN POP-PUNK PLAYLIST!

You can check out Penny Bored online at:

Music Review: Gloomy June – This Party is a Warzone

Music Review: Gloomy June – This Party is a Warzone

Well I started off listening to their newest single “The Party is a Warzone” but ended up listening to the entire “Popsick” EP. Why? Well I guess it’s cause it took me back to the emo-pop/punk days of my teenage years. Gloomy June, a pop-punk band from San Francisco, is bringing back a sound that I feel is trying to get torn away from us and I can appreciate them for bringing some of my teenage life back. The band says they are for those that feel “othered” or that feel anxious about the state of the world. I can say that Gloomy June’s new EP “Popsick” added light in places I thought faded inside of me.

They sound similar to: Paramore & Alkaline Trio

You can listen to their newest single below:

Find them online on: