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Imperium Network – Spotify Playlist Service Review

Aug 18, 2022 | Music Promotion

Service Rating | 3/5

A few weeks ago we went ahead and tried out the Musicvertising playlist service. Sadly, we weren’t impressed by the results and we found it super sketchy in certain areas. If you want to check that article out click here. This week we are going to review Imperium Network! We gave them a shot last month (July 2022) through one of our super secret artist accounts and got the results for you. Keep in mind that we try our very best to be precise with our results based on what we find on our Spotify Artist account but it may be off a bit and we are not affiliated with any of these playlist services we review. We are giving you HONEST reviews so that you don’t have to spend money on useless strategies for your music releases. So getting back to where we were… is this service worth it? Is it what they say it is? And what kind of impact or results did we get from it? Let’s get straight to it!

The Pricing, we think it’s confusing.

As soon as we landed on the product pages for this playlist service we noticed that the pricing and description for the packages they offer are not clear. For example, we didn’t know how long this service would run since there are no mentions of that. The deals are packaged into small, medium, and large promotions and only provide claims of guaranteed work. That in itself gave us some red flags but we continued to purchase the small promotion option so that we can try their services out and write this review. We do want to note that we got the promo pack on sale but it turns out they always have “sales” with a ticking timer on their website. This is just a marketing tactic they employ.

We will say that, unlike our last experience with Musicvertising where the payment was done month-to-month (subscription-based), Imperium Network only charges you a one-time fee. The screenshot for the pricing as of August 2022 is below so that you can check that out yourself. 

Current Pricing as of August 2022

Playlist Placement Results, it didn’t make sense for our song.

When it came down to the playlist placement it wasn’t what we expected. They did deliver BUT it wasn’t making sense. The placements were irrelevant or not matched to the song we submitted for placement. The placements didn’t make sense at all! Our submission was a sad pop song, with slower BPM and they placed us in a “Cardio” and “Chest Workout” playlist. What the heck! This is not a good playlist placement! Why? Well, think about it, if someone is actually listening to the playlist during a workout and all the songs are upbeat and then it lands on our song what happens? They will probably go “WTF is this?” and then they would just skip our song entirely. We found several playlist placements that were not fitting our genre and pop song overall. It felt like there so called “reps” just placed our song is random playlists without giving a second thought to our song. In conclusion, our music was NOT delivered to the right target audience. 

The Results were, well, SMALL.

After looking at the playlist placement we went ahead and took a look at our audience stats and well the results were SMALL, just as they promised. We got a total of 177 listeners and 301 streams. If we take those calculations against the placements, we had a total of 197 streams and 168 listeners from the Imperium Network services. As you can tell by our audience graphs below there was a slight spike at the start of the service and then towards the end, it flatlined which is typical with these type of services.


As for the followers, we didn’t see much there! Maybe a follower or two from the entire Spotify promotion.

Our conclusion about Imperium Network Spotify Promotions

We give it 3 stars out of 5 and this is why:

  1. They did place us on quite a few playlists and they showed up on our Spotify Artist Account. That proves that they delivered. We also didn’t get the feeling that they were fake or bots. The part where they failed is that they did not place us on the appropriate playlists and did not get us in front of the right audience for our music. We will note that they did email us throughout the entire process with updates which other services such as this one don’t normally provide, so kudos on that.
  2. The results were small. They spiked at the beginning of the service and flatlined towards the end. The streams and listener’s gain was okay but were not the best results we were hoping for since playlist placement was off. And there was no increase in followers throughout the entire service which does make sense since we weren’t targeting the correct audience.

Do we recommend it? No, we think there are better ways to spend your money and don’t think it’s the best strategy for serious bands and artists wanting to build a solid fan base. But if your goals is to increase your numbers in streams and listeners with no subscription then this would work for you.