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Musicvertising – Spotify Playlist Service Review

Jul 8, 2022 | Music Advice, Music Promotion

Service Rating | 2/5

As you know here at Unseen Plays we are always going to try to help out emerging artists. Part of helping you guys is to try out some services from time to time and let you know if they are legit and worth the money. Today we are going to discuss our use of Musicvertising and we bet you’ve seen them pop up on your Instagram or Facebook Ads section. According to their website they will provide “real and targeted Spotify promotion” and offer you a certain amount of streams and followers in exchange for enrolling into one of their plans. The cheapest and most affordable plan starts at $49 but we got the chance to try them out for only $10 through an advertisement we found via Instagram. So are they worth it and most of all are they legit? Let’s see!

When it came to followers…

All right so something to make sure you know, we only ran a campaign with them for 1 month on their “Starter Campaign”. This plan offers you up to 5000 streams and 500 followers. And to keep ourselves out of trouble we aren’t gonna mention the artist we used for the campaign.

So when it came down to followers we got an increase of 366 on the first week BUT we didn’t reach the 500 as promised by the end of the campaign. But what was REALLY sketchy is that going into the Week 2 we saw a drop in those same followers and by the end of the month (Week 4) we only had 40 followers! Check out the GIF above to see for yourself.

When it came to Streams…

When it came to streams we never saw the 5000 they promised, we reached a total of a little over 2000 streams as shown in our screenshot above. Now, we didn’t really care whether or not we got the streams, what we really cared about was whether they were fake or not. So we waited for a few weeks to see if the “playlists” they placed us in would appear under Music > Playlists section in our Spotify Artists account. We saw NO activity whatsoever on getting added on any playlists! So in other words, how can we be getting streams with no real playlist placement showing up? Another thing to watch out for is when a music promotion company/agency won’t share the playlists they added you on or the Advertisements they claim they use. Musicadvertisement does not disclose this information to you anywhere on their site after sign up nor email you any information. We feel that if you are an “agency” working on behalf of an artist that information should be showcased in some way or form to prove the work.

Our Conclusion about Musicvertising

Overall, looks like a great website with lots of credibility BUT to us – it feels fake & were pretty sure they are using bots somewhere in the mix. We think the followers really gave it away, no playlist placement at all and as for the streams we can’t say for sure if they are legit (especially cause this company does not disclose the ads they use for our music) but thankfully we only got charged $10 to out their starter plan! We thought that maybe that was a way for them to show us that they were a REAL service but in our eyes, they failed the test.

We are glad we didn’t have to pay the full $49 for this service and don’t recommend it to you if you are an artist or band looking for playlist placement. We will have to live with our artist page having bad analytical information for a bit but it was worth a shot to showcase it to you! If you are currently using a music promotion company/agency such as this one it is really important to set up your Spotify Artist page to get a visual and understanding on what you are paying for. Always check the work, we recommend it!