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Unveiling Marien & Moon: A Musical Odyssey Two Decades in the Making!

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by | May 13, 2024

UNSEEN PLAYS: What is Marien and Moon’s origin story? How long has this music project been going on?

Trefford Marien and I (Sarah Mowrey-Moon) have been music partners for over 20 years. We met through mutual friends and immediately hit it off. Within a week, we nearly completed an album. We were in tune instantly.

UNSEEN PLAYS:I know there are two of you in this collaborative passion for music. Are you two together or just band mates? 

We’re best of friends and musical soul mates. 

UNSEEN PLAYS:Your latest release titled “What You Want”.. what is this song about?

When Trefford makes a song for me to sing on, I immediately find a melody to it. I’ll start writing to it right away. Songs to me are story-telling, therefore, It can be about anything or anyone. I always wanna make sure it’s relatable to People. I’d say 90% of the songs I write are love songs. Everybody can relate to love whether it’s a broken heart or an “I’m so in love!” song. In “what you Want” she’s head over heels for the guy. My favourite type of song to write. 

UNSEEN PLAYS: The production for “What You Want” sounds solid. Who was involved in the creation process from songwriting to a fully produced track?

Thank you! We love to hear that. Trefford’s an absolute genius when it comes to creating a catchy dope song. He hits it everytime. He’s making the tracks and I write to them. We also throw ideas at each other equally- whether it be adding an instrument or lyrically.

UNSEEN PLAYS: We see some remixed versions for “What You Want”. What was the move behind that and which version is your favorite? I will tell you my favorite – Midnight Mix!

Right on! That’s the talented Curt Barlage doing the acoustic guitar version which is the midnight mix. Treff remixed the original song which is the Dub dream version. My friend Hopeton (Dub musical legend from Kingston Jamaica) offered to do a remix on It as well. It then made perfect since for Treff (Trefford) to have Curt do an acoustic version.I love that everyone like you has a favorite version!

UNSEEN PLAYS: Who are some of your musical influences/inspirations?

H.R. of Bad Brains and Bad Brains themselves was my very first musical experience which blew me away alongside Cocteau Twins. I couldn’t get enough of them and still can’t. Two very different sounds of music.Treff is Sade’s #1 fan and dream girl. She’s a big influence and we’ve been obsessed with Wu-Tang as well since day 1. We’re whole-heartedly inspired by Karen Carpenter. Billy Holiday is another big influence..Also Trefford’s other fantasy girlfriend. haha!  Treff has always loved Zero 7. Musical geniuses right there. Carole King, Dionne Warwick, and Chaka Khan are my Queens. Speaking of Queens, so it Queen Latifah. I wish she’d come out with more Jazz. She’s a phenomenal Jazz singer.

UNSEEN PLAYS: We see that your only release as Marien & Moon is your latest track, when will we hear more from you? And what can we expect?

We will be releasing the song “Te’ Gusta” this March/April  along with a remix by Scientist again in a dub version. You will not be dissatisfied. I can promise you that. There will be 3 other songs following suit. It will be an EP with Te’ Gusta.   

UNSEEN PLAYS: What is something we don’t know about Marien & Moon, throw a fun fact at us!

Treff and I make up these really funny stupid skits so maybe you’ll see us performing at your local circus some day!

UNSEEN PLAYS: Any planned shows where our readers can check you out in the upcoming months?

Hopeton (The Scientist) wants to do live shows a part of his gigs and we’re also asked to do festivals in Europe and Japan. We need to iron out our schedules though since life happens.

UNSEEN PLAYS: Where can listeners find you online? Anything else you would like to add?

Marien & Moon is on Spotify, Apple Music, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.  It doesn’t matter if you start early or late in the music game.If your music is timeless, you’re here to stay.