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Fresh Picks: Tori BLK – The Fools Heart

Apr 29, 2022 | Fresh Pick, Pop

If you’ve ever felt romantically rejected, Tori BLK is writing about it in her new EP “The Fools Heart ” due to release exclusively on Bandcamp on April 29,2022, and on every other major listening platform on May 10, 2022.

The 4 song EP follows a common story of a girl who is learning about the feelings of rejection and heartbrokenness for the first time. Each track provides a look into what that feels like, emotionally and physically, through catchy pop melodies that will resonate with, as Tori likes to pitch on her social media and website, “for the fools and the heartbroken”.

Tori Says:

“I feel like I’ve been wanting to hit this topic for the past 3 years but I wasn’t able to get it down with so much of what I was going through at a personal level. From losing my dad, grieving personal loss and my mom having a stroke, writing music was hard for some time so this EP means a lot to me and I hope that it can mend some hearts out there in the world. I know the topic of rejection is out there but isn’t completely talked about in the mainstream world of music. Honestly, I don’t think people wanna tell others about how they were rejected, it can be embarrassing and hard to talk about out loud and we just want to burn it and move on. But I think being open allows you to process the emotions and create a space for you to heal. On another note, I think I hear more songs about falling in love than unrequited love and rejection on the radio and we need to remember love isn’t like what we see in the movies.”

Tori, with her LGBTQ background, also says that this EP was also made in context to her own identity as a 31-year-old Lesbian woman who has had her romantic ups and downs and can be translated into that perspective for the community. She wants to be a complete advocate for LGBTQ through her music in the next upcoming years and hopes the stories she continues to write reach far and wide to the right souls and at the right time.

You can listen to “The Fools Heart” and pre-order the physical limited edition CD exclusively on Bandcamp at: www.toriblk.bandcamp.com

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