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Tori BLK’s Revamped release of Dark Madonna

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by | Mar 1, 2023

You can listen to Dark Madonna Rajut Remix through Tori BLK’s Spotify and in the player below:

Unseen Plays: Let’s talk about your music history. When did you start writing music and when did your Tori BLK solo project start?

Tori BLK : Of course! I started to seriously write music when I was 14 years old. I was really into Pop Punk music then. Some of my favorite artists and bands at the time were Michelle Branch, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, New Found Glory, and Sum 41. It’s funny to think about my influences because you would probably never think of them when you listen to my music. Before my solo project Tori BLK, I was in a band called Pride Before The Fall. Those were those emo days and I must say I had a blast writing emo music. We had a two-song CD out and we got our few seconds of fame winning battle of the bands on LATV network. I was also the songwriter and composer for the band so writing has always been in the playbooks for me. Tori BLK came about after the band broke up and the drummer from PBTF, Steph Hernandez, came over to create a nice synth-wave-type duo at the time. It was a lot of fun but I was drinking too much and not myself. Half of the first Tori BLK EP “Impermanent Human ” was written 10 years ago in San Diego, CA at Capricorn Studios with Producer Bryan Stratman. 

Unseen Plays: Tell us about this remix that came along, you say it’s a 10th-anniversary track! That was a while back. What’s the background story on this?

Tori BLK: Yes, so as I stated in the previous question. Impermanent Human was an entire EP written 10 years ago with my single titled “Dark Madonna”. It’s a vampire story that can be left to the imagination but that also includes bits and pieces of my romantic life back then. I was always going for that vampire kind of girl. So in many ways, this song is LGBTQ orientated since I am open about being a lesbian through this track. Anyways, I wanted to revive the song and let the older and newer audience take listen to a remixed version for the 10th anniversary of the song and the entire EP. This song was originally made in 2011 and released in 2012. 

Unseen Plays: Is this track part of anything bigger that is coming with Tori BLK?

Tori BLK: Ha! Of course, Tori BLK always has a bigger plan which I like to keep on the down low but for the sake of the 10th anniversary, I will let you in on the secret. I plan to release an entire EP in the summer with 3 more remixed tracks from the EP Impermanent Human. At this point, I am not sure which songs! Or maybe I am going to take the route of just a bunch of Dark Madonna Remixes. So we shall see! Stay tuned.

Unseen Plays: Are you planning any shows or tours this year?

Tori BLK: Honestly, I normally don’t tour or play many shows nowadays but am open to it. Yes, of course. I am more of a storyteller, songwriter, and music producer than a performer. I am open about saying that since I think a lot of artists are pressured to do the entertainment part and it’s not something we HAVE TO DO. There are plenty of ways to showcase our music and creativity. I enjoy being on camera and encouraging songs to be made!

Unseen Plays: Do you have any other new songs coming this year?

Tori BLK: Yes, I do! I have an entirely new EP being made at this time. I should have a single out after the release of Dark Madonna Rajut Remix. The date isn’t set yet but the song title is called “Blue Dreams” and I am super excited about this upcoming EP because it’s something that I wrote completely from start to finish in my bedroom studio. 

Unseen Plays: Last random question to get to know you all better: Favorite Vampire Show or Movie Go! 

Tori BLK: This one is hard but I think Imma have to go with True Blood. 

Unseen Plays: Lastly, what’s the best place to check out your music and to learn more about Tori BLK? 

Tori BLK: For sure my Instagram account is the most active @toriblksongs and website and of course please follow me on Spotify!