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The Seven Deadly Sins is back with lots of Grime

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by | Apr 21, 2023

The Seven Deadly Sins return with a full-length album titled “1984” and, along with it, a music video that matches its vision. A project led by Alex Moran who is also an active member of the band Quiet as a Mouse, the 10 tracks on his latest release are raw, rough, and far from polished in a positive way. And although we like what we hear we will dig into his latest single.

With its slightly off-key vocal performance, perfectly grungy guitar set-up, and rude drum hits, 1984 sets the tone for the entire album. There is a grimy, stale, and almost smoky quality to the lyrics. In this way, it adds a final raw element that makes this a must-listen for fans of Nirvana or the Black Keys.

The most interesting twist in 1984 is its music video. An entirely different perspective from what we expected in the footage. The visuals allow us to take our expectations, dig a deep hole, and pour sand over them. This concept for a music video is both easy and budget-friendly, but still works. We hope Alex finds his way out of all that sand and continues to surprise us with the alt-music we all need.

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