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The rise of Bankston and his latest single “noose”

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 16, 2023

With another major-league single titled “noose”, Bankston is back with that modern trap pop-punk sound we’re all starting to love. Based out of Los Angeles, CA, this solo project and music producer is no stranger to producing such tunes at his commercial recording studio, Milf’s Kitchen. A total of nine amazing singles have been released since 2020 and the rise of Bankston is evident with each upcoming song.

In his latest single noose, we see what you shouldn’t do if you don’t get noticed by a young girl seeking a bad boy. A self-loathing odyssey is taken by the narrator who presents us with bullet points listing all the red flags. One close listen, and you’ll get what we’re saying even if this wasn’t Bankston’s intention.

Overall, noose kept us vivaciously engaged until the very end. It told a story most of us have been through and did it all while giving us 808s, tons of catchy trap elements, and that classic pop-punk sound that’s making a big comeback.

You can listen to Bankston’s latest single “noose” below or hit up our pop-punk playlist here:

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