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The Powerful Inner World of Magdalia

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 20, 2023

Australian singer and songwriter Magdalia shares a powerful song called “Great Expectations.” Taking us into her inner world, her song is an authentic account of childhood experiences and the struggles of growing up in a world that seems to be shattered. As we listen to lyrics such as “bent and broken out of shape, made me better anyway,” we are able to see the main character’s strength and hopelessness, and as the chorus continues to say “there’s nothing left to lose, when there’s nothing left to break,” we feel relieved and fearless. This song combines chambered drums, deeply centered vocals, and lyrical authenticity to create a truly epic sound. Maybe Magdalia is an anti-hero in our Dark-Pop world? Taking a courageous and deep look at what life can be for everyone. This dreamy and dark tune will keep us company for a while.

You can listen to Magdalia’s latest single “Great Expectations” below and in our Unseen Playlist:

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