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The light engulfing Ballad by Alison

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

by | May 13, 2024

Photo Credit: Alex Ramos

Unseen Plays: Alison! We are so happy to have you be part of our blog. Let’s start this off with you telling us a bit about your origin singer-songwriter story.

Thanks so much for speaking with me! Music has been a part of my life since a very young age. I started writing songs at 5 (some were silly, some maybe had a little promise haha) and then later on learned instruments and started to dabble in production. Songwriting is something that just always made sense to me and felt like a friend. 

Unseen Plays: We know you produce music, did you produce your latest track “Light”? Who was involved in the production side?

I do! I produced it myself, going into it I had a different vision for the song – it was going to be a piano ballad. But a lot of the times once I begin production, I end up inspired to add on more and more instruments and create more of a slow-burn build up type of track!

Unseen Plays: Your latest release titled “Light”. Do you wanna share what this song is about?

The last few years I definitely assessed a lot about the way I think and how thinking differently makes me feel more connected to the “light” in myself. It’s so easy to just kind of move on autopilot and operate outside of yourself instead of inside of yourself if that makes sense. I felt like I owed more to myself. I was inspired by how much I’d grown, and realized throughout my life a lot of things connected to that centeredness. I honestly want to enjoy life as much as I can and feel as connected as possible, and this is what this song represents! 

Unseen Plays: How does “Light” differ from all the other songs you have written?

Compared to my previous songs, I feel more in tune with myself and see and experience a lot of things differently. Of course, regardless of how attuned you are to yourself there will always be ups and downs, though I see more of the bigger picture of things in my life and how they connect now! 

Unseen Plays: What are some goals you have as a singer-songwriter when it comes to your music?

When there’s things I’m inspired to write about and I haven’t written a song about them, it feels almost as if they’re just circling around waiting to be cemented into a song. My goal is to keep incorporating those ideas that are waiting to be turned into music and keep building more. I hope that a lot of people will be able to relate to my music, connect with me, and build community. 

Unseen Plays: We see that you don’t have many releases, other than 4, do you have any plans for an EP or album?

I definitely would love to keep releasing singles up to an eventual EP – both new material and old material that I have never recorded!

Unseen Plays: What inspires your songwriting and music overall?

Honestly, I really love to write about the way we think as people. It’s the overarching factor of everything we experience in life, because we can’t experience things to the fullest if we aren’t in the right headspace or mindset. I feel like overall my music is a good mix about myself and others depending on what I’m experiencing, though I feel like that idea is definitely something I’m often drawn to.

Unseen Plays: Going back to your music producer background. Do you produce for other artists or just yourself? And did you get any education in this or are you self-taught?

I currently just produce for myself, though am open to producing for and with others! I began on the GarageBand app on my iPod touch when I was younger and eventually it snowballed to using it on my computer, then starting to work Logic Pro. I did have some education in college in audio and definitely use a lot of those skills to this day! I would say it’s a good combination of both. 

Unseen Plays: Tell us something we don’t know about you! We love fun facts and being the first to know.

One of my first ever memories in life is watching Singin’ in the Rain! 

Unseen Plays: Where can listeners find you online? Anything else you would like to add?

You can find me on TikTok at @alisonnmusic and Instagram at @aliclairee! I’m very excited for everyone to hear this track and more to come, and do hope that it means something to them and inspires them!