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The AJM Show, a truly suave and refreshing single titled “Take A Walk”.

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 25, 2023

A funky tune with a suave groove, The AJM Show brings us his latest single titled “Take A Walk”. Featured on BBC Introducing and as Track of the Week, we can clearly see why they made that decision. With a flawless blend of Indie Pop, R&B, and Funk we are taken from a lockdown and into a refreshing space to deal with all of our struggles. Moreover, based on our interpretation of the track, we are almost certain that it has several pick-up lines that we don’t mind falling for. We enjoy that reminiscent live sound the guitars and drums create. And with those solid and sexy vocals, we would walk with the singer-songwriter any day. Again, this track is truly a suave one that you should take home!

You can listen to The AJM Show below or through The Unseen Playlist here:

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