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Swim Down sticking to their roots

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

by | Mar 8, 2023

Unseen Plays: First off, super stoked to feature Swim Down on our blog. It’s awesome to have you! Let’s begin this interview by getting to know Swim Down. Tell us about your band. Can you tell me who’s in it and how long have you all worked together? Where are you all from? 

Swim Down: Thanks for having us! There are 5 of us in our band. Zach does vocals, Jon and Jake are guitarists, Daniel plays bass, and Courtney plays drums. We’ve all been playing together for about a year now. 

Unseen Plays: We’ve been getting some really great submissions and we’ve been seeing a bunch of new pop punk bands coming through. I see that there is only one song on Spotify. Is your latest single part of an upcoming EP or album we can look forward to?       

Swim Down: Future music is still to be determined. We have plenty of other songs we are working on but nothing is set in stone for our next recording. 

Unseen Plays: Let’s chat about your latest single “Your Move”. How did this song come about and what is the story behind it?         

Swim Down: Jon wrote the song. The concept revolves around having a one-sided relationship with a family member/friend or a partner.

Unseen Plays: There isn’t a lot of info out there about the band so of course we are excited to try to dig deep and learn about you through this interview! Tell us what “PNW Pop Punk” means and tell us something you’ve achieved or that has meant something to your band recently?               

Swim Down: We are just playing pop punk in the PNW. Something that has meant something to us is that we have recorded and released our song and put together a whole 5 piece band with music that people like. 

Unseen Plays: What about pop punk do you love? And why did your band choose to write pop punk music?   

Swim Down: Pop punk is all about unsettled angst. We never grew up, we just got older. As well as being catchy, fun, and sticking to our roots, it is also all of our favorite genres. 

Unseen Plays: We love your cover of your single “Your Move”. Tell us a bit about the artwork and what that all means to you as a band?     

Swim Down: We reached out to @leonore_arcache_lsa on IG being a big fan of her work. We really let her take control. All we asked for was to make it a representation of “pop punk” with albums/memorabilia that we all enjoy and means something to us.

Unseen Plays: What are some of your influences when it comes to your music?
Swim Down: Blink – 182, Neck Deep, The Story so Far, Four Years Strong, 

Unseen Plays: Where can people watch you play live? Any specific areas you are playing in this year? Or tours we should know about? And how significant are live shows for the band? 

Swim Down: Future shows are still to be determined. Daniel is out in Japan right now. But once he’s back, that is our next plan is to start playing shows. Live shows are always very important to us. 

Unseen Plays: Tell us a bit about your band name. Anything you can say about it? 

Swim Down: Just keep swimming.

Unseen Plays: What are your band’s future plans? Where do you see Swim Down in the next 3 years?  

Swim Down: We want to release more music, play lots of shows. Open with someone who is big in the industry. Zach always says, “Shoot for the moon and land among the stars.” 

Unseen Plays: Last random question to get to know you all better: Favorite Disney Princess and Why?

Swim Down: Kuzko, definitely the biggest diva of them all. 

Unseen Plays: Lastly, what’s the most convenient place to check out your music and learn more about Swim Down?  

Swim Down: You can listen to our music on all streaming platforms. And check us out on Instagram and TikTok.

You can listen to Swim Down below or through our pop punk playlist here:

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