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Pure Playfulness with Emma Dilemma’s new single “Bed All Day”

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Dec 2, 2023

No worries if you’ve faced challenges in your life, Emma understands. “Bed All Day” is the latest single from the singer, and it’s a fun, playful track that you’ll probably play more than once.

This song has so much humor, we can’t get enough of it. Instead of trying to appear perfect all the time, she shows us that magic can be found in staying in bed all day. Within one musical composition, we enjoy the clarity, dynamics, and rebellious vibes. As the song tries to convey, we hope to see more people desiring a more cozy lifestyle. Emma is an honest songwriter and we absolutely need more of her in the future. 

You can listen to Emma Dilemma’s latest track below or on our Unseen Playlist:

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