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Pierce Braedon and his latest single “Her” is here to stop our hearts

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 26, 2023

Pierce Braedon’s latest single, Her, is a heart-stopper for the soul. With powerful vocals and sad ambience, this artist helps us understand loneliness after a severe breakup. We instantly feel the grief of losing someone we love, maybe not from this world, but from our lives, with words like “so many plans that were never done” in the first verse. As we listen to the song, we realize it is like a goodbye letter filled with hope for the past to return. This track gave us that last bit of light in the darkness when we are feeling like ghosts, when we are consumed by emptiness. Despite the story’s mention of not being able to move on to someone else, which might hurt someone’s happiness, we truly believe that time heals and better days are around the corner. This artist has the potential to produce more emotionally charged tracks in the future. Make sure to check out this heartbreaking masterpiece!

You can listen to Pierce Braedon’s single titled “Her” below or through our Unseen Playlist here:

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