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Music Review: The Pink Socks – Still Waiting

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

by | May 2, 2022

EP RATING | 8/10

In a galaxy far far away….Unseen Play’s found a pop-punk band on a planet called EARTH.

The Pink Socks new EP Still Waiting is fast paced and ridiculously fun to listen to! It makes you wanna learn the lyrics and jump into one of their live shows. It takes you back to another era and makes you all warm and fuzzy to know that songs like these still exist.

The EP contains a total of 7 songs which were released on April 21, 2022 so it’s fairly new and a great addition to anyone’s pop-punk playlist! The EP is available on Bandcamp for streaming and download and you will also find the physical CD copy for purchase. 

I highly recommend you to listen and support the band because we need more bands like The Pink Socks to stay around and provide us with real pop-punk tunes, something that is fading more every day.

Check out the entire EP at today!

And listen to “Parking Lot” below: