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Music Review: Ollie Twohill – Neverland

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Aug 31, 2022

Ollie Twohill is an Australian artist that is coming to us with his 6th single titled “Neverland”. With a classic pop-punk sound and original theme, this song is perfect for anyone feeling like they are being hassled in today’s changing world. According to Ollie Twohill, this track Neverland was inspired by the 1963 children’s picture book Where the Wild Things Are and is dedicated to giving listeners a place to go when the world is feeling heavy. Neverland allows us to drift off to a place where we can feel a sense of relief to just be ourselves and subliminally reminds us to be kind to people. A perfect upbeat pop-punk song that makes us feel happy to be alive and skate for another day. 

Listen to Ollie Twohill’s new single “Neverland” below or give it a full listen on our Pop-Punk Spotify Playlist with more artist just like Ollie:

You can find Ollie Twohill on:

Photo Credit: Jay Penfold Photography