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Music Review: Neodym – Manifesto

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by | Oct 20, 2022

Neodym is an artist / singer-songwriter from Cologne, Germany and her new single called “Manifesto” hits the topic of going against Russian-Ukrainian war. This track is like a prayer for peace and a scream to stop war. Neodym is not new at creating songs about challenging topics and mixing in her energy into each piece, manifesto is proof of that. Her song is a great mixture of three different genres which includes 80’s pop, soul, and Bar Jazz that speaks on a topic that not many songwriters are willing to discuss. Neodym is one of the most authentic and electrifying artists we’ve come across in a long time.

You can listen to Neodym’s new single “Manifesto below or listen to it on our Unseen Electro Pop Playlist:

Check out Neodym online at: