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Music Review: Meg Smith – F*ck Friday

Jul 2, 2022 | Editors Pick, Pop

Meg Smith is a pop singer-songwriter from Brooklyn, New York and winner of the very first BMI Charlie Feldman Award. We didn’t even know the award existed! But according to the BMI website this is an award in honor of retired BMI Creative Vice President Charlie Feldman (thus the name of the award) that is given out annually to an emerging songwriter in any genre. And it even comes with a $2000 prize! So high five to Meg! Just to add, her music has also been included in a few Hulu and Netflix shows. 

Meg Smiths new single called “F*ck Friday” explains why she’s getting the attention. It’s deserving for sure! Her song is a perfect blend of pop and aggressiveness through the raging guitars and lyrics. The song takes you with her through the dreaded weekend being stuck as a third wheel in the midst of lovers. What a fucked up scenario that is felt through out the song. If you’re into Grammy Award Winner Avril Lavigne and that nostalgic Ashlee Simpson album (you know what I am talking about) I think you will L-O-V-E this new single. We feel that Meg Smith is a genius at pulling you through the story.

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