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Music Review: Jessiqa Jones – Rehab

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by | Jun 28, 2022

Dang! Jessiqa is only 18? Well, we can see Jessiqa Jones cry her way up to something mighty and great in the future. You’re probably like “cry her way up”? What you talking about sister! Well we read up on her and she likes to cry for fun! Her new song “Rehab” really spills her emotions about needing to let go of someone that hooks on to you too deeply. This new R&B track is a perfect song for those that need a break from the love drama in their lives. Her vocals are insanely good, the song is soulful and it should be a track you add to your playlist! I mean Spotify already added her to their “Pop Fresh Finds” so we think we are correct on this one.

Listen to Jessiqa’s new song below and make sure to go like her song and follow her on Spotify:

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