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Music Review: Hallworth – Staying Over

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jul 10, 2022

As soon as the song starts the drum beat leads and Hallworth prepares us for a great rendition of her new indie-pop song called “Staying Over”. Her imperfect slurry vocals on this track are weirdly a pleasure to listen to while the story unfolds and prepares us for a strong hook. This tune is upbeat, joyful, and ready to go with you on a warm beachy day in California. Listening to the lyrics it’s nice to listen to a song about not being so serious about your romantic relationships and finding a sweet spot of freedom when you do run into one. This is something we learn as we age and when we let go of what we are told relationships should be. We say Bravo to Hallworth! If you are into Indie-Pop this is an artist worth listening to and adding to any summer playlist.

You can listen to her new song “Staying Over” below and visit her Spotify for more great indie tunes.

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Photo Credit: Hunter Scott