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Music Review: Elle Baez – Pretty Insecurities

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Aug 20, 2022

If you haven’t heard of Elle Baez, then it’s time. Her newest single “Pretty Insecurities” is a perfect blend of pop, body positivity, feminism, and most of all empowerment for women. Elle hits the spot with her genuine take on today’s society and the pressures that women feel daily to feel beautiful on the outside. When we read the first few lines in the lyrics starting with “Guess I’ll post another pic in my best dress because the likes will boost my self-esteem” we knew the song would be a much-needed proclamation.

Another great feature of this song is that it was written entirely by a group of powerful women including Elle Baez, Angela Wang, and Jasmine Hildebrandt. The music video is just as great as it includes a collaboration with body-inclusive brand Adore Me which includes Elle and all the ladies wearing pink lingerie. What a badass way to visually represent the song!

If you enjoy artists such as Lizzo and Alessia Cara you will love Elle!

Listen to Elle Baez “Pretty Insecurities below or take a listen to it on our Unseen Pop Playlist to find her song and many more amazing artists:

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