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Music Interview with Window Shopping

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jul 8, 2022

UP: What’s up guys! We are super pumped to showcase your band on our site and to get to know you all better. Just to give the listeners an inside, we found you through MusoSoup and we’re happy we did. To kick off this interview, I am going to ask a silly question but personally, I never look at maps. But where is your band from? I read that it was from Kaurna Land and then I googled it and it said South Australia. If google was wrong, apologies. But seriously, where is this and how do we get there? Haha

Window Shopping: Great job, Mr. Google! Kaurna Meyanna Yerta is the Aboriginal name for the land we live on, Adelaide South Australia.

UP: I’d love to know how your band came together. The band’s story is always awesome to hear! How did it all begin for you guys? How long have you guys been together? And don’t forget to name all your bandmates and what they do.

Window Shopping: It’s painfully uneventful, we were all mates and the band was an excuse to hang out once a week. We practice at Jackson’s family home, and the band is a ploy to see his lovely parents. There was an original incarnation of Window Shopping that did one gig in 2018 and has some songs out on Bandcamp, and we got back into it in 2021. Conor and Erin are cousins, and both play guitar, Donald is on bass, Jackson is on drums and Jordon does something that vaguely resembles vocals.

UP: Who came up with the name and why “Window Shopping”?

Window Shopping: We’re actually all-glass panel instellationists and often find ourselves shopping for windows. 

UP: Where did you guys record “one more episode” and who was involved in the making of all the songs?

Window Shopping: We recorded with Lachy Pitcher at Depict Studios. He did the recording, mixing, and mastering for us. He did a great job, and his patience with us was an absolute virtue.

UP: All right, I want to dig into your newest song “one more episode”. I hear that and it just reminds me to head over to Netflix haha but I know that the song isn’t about that. Can you tell me what it’s about and what story you were trying to tell? Give us a bit of an insight.

Window Shopping: You’re right, it was actually about a Stan show.

I suppose at its core it’s just about the battle with impulse control. While I know I should be going to bed for work tomorrow, and that would better serve me long-term, the immediate gratification I would get from re-watching Peep Show again is too alluring. 

UP: I love the sound of your music! Can you describe how you would normally make a song as a band?

Window Shopping: Jordon and Conor are a couple so she can come to him with sloppy, half-baked ideas at home delicately extracted from incoherent phone notes, and he can make it sound like music. They take the bones to the group and they mold them into a song. That or we do a satanic sacrifice in the name of Avril Lavigne.

UP: On a scale from 1-5, how well do you think your band gets along? Have you switched bandmates at all? The reason I ask is that I want this to be a bit of a band advice question. How would you say bands stay together, thrive and make great music?

Window Shopping, Jordon: 5, I guess! For us we are all really good friends and don’t take ourselves too seriously, which must take the pressure off. Or they may all secretly hate me and I’ve completely read the room wrong. 

UP: Where have you guys played? Have you played any shows outside of where you are from?

Window Shopping: We haven’t been playing all too long, and have mainly been playing the standard Adelaide spots; The Jade, The Metro, Jive, and The Uni Bar. The first step is to move out of the Adelaide CBD before we take New York.

UP:Your Spotify is pretty clean. Are there any plans for an EP or Album in the near future?

Window Shopping: We hope to get back to recording this year! We have a lot of important messages in our music that we’re eager to get out to the world eg, fuck both Adam Sandler and the Port River Dolphins.

UP: I heard you guys were funny. Can you tell me a joke and make me laugh? I’ll tell you if I did or not after I publish this article.

You heard wrong. We don’t believe in-jokes. They are juvenile and a detriment to artistic expression.

UP’s Funny Joke Meter: Excellent

UP: What are some of your musical influences and/or inspirations? 

Window Shopping: Adelaide luckily has a really rich local music scene, so we get to be inspired every weekend at the shows we go to (that was the earnest suckass answer so we can get booked for more gigs). 

Honorable international mentions to the likes of The Prettiots, Sidney Gish, and Cheekface. Any artists that can make me laugh and be a banger at the same time.

UP: What does your typical jam or rehearsal session consist of? 

Window Shopping:

Step 1) Go to Jackson’s family home

Step 2) Talk to his beautiful Mum

Step 3) Go in the band room

Step 4) Everyone has forgotten their capo’s

Step 5) Fashion makeshift capo

Step 6) Play the songs

UP: Because your song is called “one more episode”, tell me one TV show you’re all binge-watching together right now? This is a fun question!

Window Shopping: The only thing we watch collectively is the bloody footy, and if anything is going to tear us apart its politics over the footy tips results. 

UP: Where can people find you online? Do you have an Instagram, Facebook, or Website?

Window Shopping: We do! @windowshoppingadl on Instagram and

Instagram is the best place to find pictures of Donald, which is all the fans want.