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Music Advice: You’re never to old to write music

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jun 22, 2022

The age of a song, the age of a writer – It’s not a strange thing at all!

I am completely sure that you’ve heard about the explosion with Kate Bush’s song “Running Up that Hill”. Thanks to Stranger Things Season 4 she is currently #1 on the charts. It’s crazy! And guess what? She is currently 63 years old! While other bloggers are writing about the music placement part of the entire ordeal, I wanna take the chat in another direction. Specifically about why you shouldn’t ever worry about your age if you are a singer-songwriter especially now that the music industry has changed over the last decade. 

Here are some tips to follow and my thoughts on why I think you shouldn’t worry about your age (especially if you are over 30):

The mind is a tricky bastard, get it in check!

First thing first, the mind is a tricky bastard and I mean it! It will try and tell you that you’re too old, you are too this, you are too that! Never listen to the mind when it has something shitty to say (it’s a parasite according to Don Miguel Ruiz) and instead follow the inner voice that helps you believe in yourself. I know you’ve heard over and over again that the music industry wants fresh meat but the truth is the music industry has nothing on you now. Artists have more freedom than they have ever had in the past and have more self-promotion tools at their fingertips to help them become their own record labels. This means that you are in control of your success now, no matter what your age is.

30 and over? No problem! It’s just a number

Have you ever heard of Lucina Williams? Well she made it when she hit 48 and she is a Grammy Award Winning Artist! I think we worry about the numbers a lot in our society and it is a shame because I am sure we have lost many amazing singer-songwriters because of it. BUT It’s time to get rid of that paradigm and make a new one for ourselves. The dream is never over so smash the numbers that are in your way and start living your songwriting dream and keep pushing out your music! 

It might not be now but it could be later

Going back to the Kate Bush madness because it is such a great example. If it’s not now, it could be later. Kate wrote her song in the 80’s and now in 2022, is making over 60 million dollars from royalties! And she knocked out Harry Styles! Obviously, there is a lot where that comes from including that the song is a gem but the point is to keep making music and releasing your pieces into the world so that you can have a chance of success. If you don’t and just let your age ruin that for you, you miss the chance!

Do whatever it takes to stay in the game and never give up just because you think you’re too old. That’s bull and we all have something to offer to the music world. Stay active, stay playful, be creative and make some killer songs.