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Music Advice: Is MusoSoup Worth It for your music? 3 Reasons Why it is!

Jun 27, 2022 | Music Advice

In case you didn’t know about MusoSoup, this is a site that allows you to submit your music to hundreds of curators that are looking to feature your music on their playlists, blog, podcasts, radio stations and so on. MusoSoup is a great resource for artists and bands that are looking for some exposure and publicity! We’ve tried the rivals and we LOVE MusoSoup the most. Today we’re going to go over why we love it so much and give you 3 reasons why it is! Let’s go!

MusoSoup cares about the quality of music which attracts the best curators for your music

When you first sign up for MusoSoup they will have to approve your music. This means that the music has to be of good quality for curators and let me tell you why that is an amazing thing! See, curators are looking to partner up with companies that make that part easy for them. They don’t wanna have to go through hundreds of songs that aren’t matching what they are looking for. MusoSoup providing that promise through their website is what attracts some of the best outlets for you as an artist! Meaning, when you get approved for MusoSoup you will get really great offers from really legitimate and passionate curators that will help you get coverage for your new music releases!

MusoSoup Protects You from Bad Curators

As an artist or band I know that you may or may have not already realized that in the world we have good curators and bad curators. Bad ones exist! They are the ones that you approach and just talk money or fees and when you pay them they deliver mediocracy. I don’t think that is what anyone wants for their music. I think you are looking for great work, from great curators that care about your music right? Well! MusoSoup protects you from the BAD and the UGLY! Just like they had to approve your music they approve every single Curator that signs up and they monitor everything that goes on their website. That is something we LOVED as a curator! Maybe other curators get pissed off about this but we found that so beneficial for us as a music blog. We saw how much love and hours the staff puts in to monitor everything to make it a great place for artists and bands! That’s who we personally wanted to team up with.

MusoSoup will save your lots of money and time

I think we combined two reasons here but whatever! If your an artist that is tired of manually submitting emails and forms to music curators and your tired of paying really big fees to traditional PR agencies then MusoSoup is for you. It’s a pain in the butt to have to spend hours searching for curators online, to spend hours sending emails that might not even make it to the curator and spending hundreds of dollars you might not even have as an unsigned artist. Well guess what? MusoSoup is dirt cheap and will match you to the perfect curators that would love to have you! And if you don’t get any offers within the first 45 days they return your funds, no questions asked. The great thing is that we’ve personally never seen this happen. Most artists will receive great curator offers and you get to approve which ones fit your music. If you don’t like an offer, DECLINE.

So those are our 3 reasons why we think you should try out MusoSoup for your next release. To recap they attract some of the best curators around, you are their priority and protect you at all phases of your campaign and finally they will save you the hassle of DIY music submissions and paying really big sums of money with PR agencies if you have a smaller budget for your music. They get that! That’s why they exist.

If you have good quality music and you’d like to submit your music to us and you haven’t signed up for MusoSoup, click here to get started today! You won’t regret it and we would love to check out your music and have you on our blog and Spotify playlists.