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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jul 10, 2024

Mapping The Sky is an Oklahoma-based rock ‘n’ roll collective with collaborators in regular rotation, and founder and songwriter Jordin Swanson at the helm. When asked about “Home,” Swanson shares, “Sometimes, I feel nostalgic for my childhood. I can’t go back though, and the town isn’t the same as when I grew up. It was a moment in time—better understood and appreciated years later. Liquid permeates through the song and death: bones, shores of grief, and tears. There’s a deep sense of loss. This is highlighted by these lyrics: ‘In a thousand places where hope has died, I’ve lived and failed in all I’ve tried.'”

“Catchy melodies and distorted guitars, powerful, raw, gritty, and unapologetic…. emotion and conviction, and you can feel his passion and his authenticity,” — Folk N Rock.

Also on the album, you will find “Get Up Kid,” which hinges on a head-nodding electric guitar riff and a hypnotic drumbeat. On its heels, “Just Like Me” fuses punchy guitars to a relentless rhythm. The album’s tracks cover a range of themes, from relationship struggles in “Here And Not Here” to introspective moments. Swanson’s grunge influences are evident in tracks like “Last Bastion,” showcasing diverse guitar parts and a raw, intense sound.
“Hinging on exactly the kind of angular guitar interplay you’d hear from the best turn-of-the-millennium British indie-rock acts.” – Oklahoma City Free Press.

“Home” and “Fallen Angels” delve into deeper emotional territories, with anthemic hooks and moments of stark existential introspection.

“Boasting catchy melodies, intricate, yet immersive guitar work, and some undeniably wonderful songwriting, Here And Not Here is an instantly ensnaring collection, delivering a fresh perspective that reimagines familiar sounds into sharp, original cuts.” – Broken 8.

You can find MAPPING THE SKY online at: