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Junior Senator’s ‘What Do You Think’ Explores the Emotional Maze of OverthinkingJunior Senator

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

May 22, 2024

Junior Senator’s new single “What Do You Think” dives into the complex dance between thoughts and feelings. The song’s repetitive question, “What do you think when you’re feeling?” sets up a reflective vibe, urging listeners to examine their mental and emotional worlds. The lyrics express a sense of being overwhelmed with lines like “all caught up in my own brain” and “spinning, lost all in my mind,” perfectly capturing the chaos of overthinking.

The song’s structure, repeating the central question, highlights the endless loop of these thoughts. Rhymes like “dealing” and “reeling” add a catchy, rhythmic touch that draws you further into the mental maze.

Musically, the track likely pairs its introspective lyrics with a pop-acoustic sound that’s both contemplative and minimalistic. A steady beat and subtle harmonies create an immersive experience, reinforcing the theme of introspection.

“What Do You Think” is a standout, thought-provoking piece that invites listeners to confront their internal dialogues. Junior Senator nails the essence of being stuck in one’s thoughts, making the song relatable for anyone who’s struggled with overthinking. The repetitive lyrics not only emphasize this mental cycle but also make the song memorable and engaging.

In short, “What Do You Think” is a compelling look at the interplay between thought and feeling, delivered with evocative lyrics and a fitting musical backdrop. It’s a song that makes you think and feel, resonating with the universal experience of being tangled up in your own mind. The only downfall of this song is its depth, we wish the lyrics could have expanded on the narrative a bit more.

You can listen to the track here: