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Jules Atlas helps us celebrate new love with his debut single “You”

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 13, 2023

Jules Atlas is a singer-songwriter from Hamburg, Germany who brings us his very first emotional guitar ballad on Spotify. Released on February 24th, Jules showcases his distinctive style and melodic folk-pop sound with his latest single titled “You”.

Through an unforgettable love story, the song celebrates the blossoming of love and surrender with vivid imagery of driving through the rain and down the coast. It leaves us yearning for a moment such as the one depicted in You, reminding us of what it feels like to have a loved one so close to us. And most of all, it emphasizes the clues to true adoration.

With a song as impressive as this, Jules demonstrates a lyrical experience that other songwriters take so long to discover. Jules Atlas will be a regular on our playlists in the future!

You can listen to Jules Atlas’s new single “You” below or head over to our Unseen Plays Playlist:

You can find Jules Atlas online on:

Photo Credit: Damian Sutmann