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It’s big, it’s punchy, it’s AFTER ELMER

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by | Mar 1, 2023

If you ever wanted to go back in a time machine to give yourself some advice or guidance that is what the band After Elmer did in their newest single “246 Toothpicks”. According to the band, the song is an anthem that takes them through space and time just to say “hey everything’s gonna be okay”. Don’t we all need a song in our playlist that can make us feel this way? 

After Elmer Music Video | 246 Toothpicks

This Dutch band will be an absolute favorite for those that crave fast, catchy, big, and punchy anthems! Similar to those early 2000s pop punk songs we came to love so dearly. We salute After Elmer for letting the world know that pop punk isn’t dead and well, alive. We are thrilled to continue hearing this band’s future tunes. Maybe we can jump into the future to take a listen?

You will enjoy After Elmer is you like: Yellowcard & All Time Low

You can listen to After Elmer’s new single “246 Toothpicks” below or listen to it on our punk pop playlist:

Check out After Elmer online at: