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Inclusive Healing with Ki To’s latest single “Layin”

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Apr 10, 2023

From San Francisco, Ki To is here with their latest single “Layin” to share passion and art with the world. We are taken on a journey of inclusive healing of our inner child from the very beginning of this easy-going and dreamy song. A song like this is almost impossible to categorize as melancholy, with its soft spoken vocals and several sensual parts. It is possible, however, to use this melody to heal from past regrets and traumas that no longer serve us after carefully listening to the lyrics. There is no difference between the accompanying music video and the song itself. Hope for better days can be seen in the warm glow. As their music moves forward, Ki To will be able to take pride in this fun, relaxing, dream pop song. This year, we’re looking forward to more Ki To!

We wanted to make sure to include Ki To’s music video and music below. And remember you can always follow and listen to Ki To and many other artists via our Unseen Playlist on Spotify.

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