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Head Automatica is Back, But Not How Anyone Expected

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

May 17, 2024

Hey there! So, I was super pumped when I heard Head Automatica was making a comeback. ALT PRESS got the scoop, and I was all in. But, here’s the thing—it’s not quite what anyone expected.

If you’re hoping for the same vibe as “Beating Heart Baby” and “The Razor” from 2004, you might want to brace yourself. Their new single, “Bear The Cross,” is a whole different beast. And honestly, while it’s not bad, it’s definitely not what I was expecting—or hoping for.

Head Automatica – Bear The Cross

Back in the day, Head Automatica was all about that infectious energy and upbeat sound. But “Bear The Cross” takes a much darker turn. It’s got this spooky, sinister vibe that’s pretty unsettling. If that’s what they were aiming for, they absolutely nailed it. The only part that really gave me a glimpse of the old Head Automatica was the pre-chorus, where Daryl’s vocals shine through like a beacon of nostalgia.

When the chorus hits, it’s like being swept up in a storm of aggressive guitars and emotional chaos. Honestly, it feels like it belongs in a sci-fi or horror movie on Netflix.

For now, I think I’ll stick with the old Head Automatica and cross my fingers for some new tracks that bring back that infectious energy. “Bear The Cross” is lyrically amazing, well-produced, and definitely has intent, but I’m holding out for a return to those upbeat tunes we all love.

So, here’s to hoping the next song hits a bit closer to home!