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Falling in Love with Kid Prexy and his new single

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Dec 17, 2023

Kid Prexy’s pop-punk/alternative music is young and restless. This kid from Edmond, Oklahoma, impressed us with his new single “I think that you’re pretty” and the animated video really highlighted the energy of the song (see below).

The song has elements of today’s pop-punk music, which thankfully hasn’t changed too much from early Gen Z pop-punk. Featuring a well-written song by Kid Prexy and excellent production by Grammy-nominated producer Kevin Thrasher (who has worked with Machine Gun Kelly, Blink-182, Jxdn, and Travis Barker).

The song truly portrays the early years and stages of falling in love at first sight. A boy’s first girl crush is really emphasized in the chorus lyrics which give us a glimpse into how he feels. The song would be perfect for a teenage Netflix show or for younger adults who need to relive the thrill of a first love.

You can check out Kid Prexy online: