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Falling in love online can happen like in Spence Paull’s latest single “Bergamo”

Mar 27, 2023 | Fresh Pick, Pop

Our Fresh Pick is dedicated to Canadian singer-songwriter and music producer Spence Paull and her debut single “Bergamo”. This LGBTQ artist hits us with one of the most powerful tracks yet!

This song’s main message about finding love online is so beautifully told that it’s hard to miss. A remarkable theatrical sound with just the right amount of romance to last for a lifetime. A choir like sensation saturated with heart-felt poetry, we want to listen to it over and over again.

In the song, the singer discusses the journey from Canada to Italy and the insecurities she has about meeting someone she has fallen for for the first time. With all its positive intent, this artist dug into her natural ability to make us see the true love to come like something out of a movie screen. The 70’s highs, its airiness, and its exceptional vocals were deeply appealing to us. We are looking forward to listening to her upcoming EP, “Dear Mistress” (date to be announced) and following this inspiring artist from here on out.

You can listen to Spence Paull’s latest single “Bergamo” below or through our Unseen Playlist here:

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