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Crush the voice in your head with Danama

May 5, 2023 | Alternative, Fresh Pick, Interviews

Unseen Plays: Welcome to the Unseen Plays fam! We feel lucky to have you with us today. Let’s get this interview started by getting to know you better as a band. Tell us a bit about how Danama came together and what you are all about.

Danama: We originally formed in 2021 through Facebook, after Rachel put out a post looking for new bandmates. Our music is all about overcoming that negative voice in your head and allowing the listener to understand that they’re not alone in how they’re feeling. 

Unseen Plays: What inspired your band for your latest album release of “Did You Know”? And what song(s) are your singles on this new release? Also, not many bands are releasing full-length albums anymore, we salute you on that!

Danama: Mental health is the inspiration for this album. It expresses the daily battle between yourself and your mind, however in a positive way. Did You Know? Is a message to DANAMA (Rachel’s negative voice) saying I am starting to have control, I am taking over that voice, I am thinking positively and slowly destroying you. 

Unseen Plays: Tell us a little bit more about “Did You Know”, How long did it take you to bring it all together, and where was this masterpiece recorded?

Danama: This album had been written over many years, with some of the songs being around 5 years old, and others written in 2022. We knew all the songs extremely well by the time we hit the studio making the process of recording the songs rather quick. The mixing is what took its time, Rachel knew how she wanted it to sound to allow the listener to experience every emotion in the song. We recorded and mixed the album at Magpie Studios, and mastered it at Metropolis Recording Studios. 

Unseen Plays: All right, excuse us for being such delicate listeners, but out of all your songs on the album we think “On My Skin” and “The Devil In Me” are our favorites. Tell us a bit about what these songs are all about. I know not every band or artist likes to give away their secret stories behind the music but what can you tell us about them?

Danama: I’m not going to give away too many details as I prefer the listener to connect to the song in their way. However, both songs represent how our minds can change the way we see ourselves. On My Skin refers to the negative voice in your head is ‘On My Skin’ and slowly taking over my body, therefore the lyrics are explaining that I need to wipe that off to be myself and happy. The Devil In Me is more literal, expressing the devil on my shoulder has also taken over my mind. Once again expressing in the lyrics that I need to change these circumstances and tell the devil in my mind, that I am untouchable and it will no longer hurt me. 

Unseen Plays: You are a woman-led band. Tell us a bit about that, how has that journey been for you as a band? 

Danama: The journey has been good, we are all really close and you can see that when we perform live. Being a woman-led band hasn’t made much of a difference to our journey so far, maybe it will in the future.  

Unseen Plays: We were checking you out online and we saw that you’ve got some physical CDs in hand. Tell us what you think about the direction of the music industry. What are your thoughts on everything going digital nowadays and streaming services?

Danama: Digital and streaming are easy, you just click play on your phone and you’re good to go. I think physical CDs are now more of a monument, people keep them in their houses as part of a display. I know if we had a chance to have a signed CD by our favorite artists we too would keep it as a display. 

Unseen Plays: Do you perform often and if so, what makes Danama on stage? What do you think makes your band unique on stage? And do you have any upcoming shows we should check out?

Danama: Our next show is our album launch party at Boston Music Room in London on Friday 5th May, doors open 7 pm. We’re so excited for this headline gig as it’s a real celebration of the album and all the hard work we put into it. In all honesty, I think what makes us unique is we have so much fun on stage. We’re not too serious, we laugh, we make jokes, we annoy each other and as well as the music I believe that’s why people come to our shows because we just have fun in what we do. I think that’s missing from some bands nowadays. 

Unseen Plays: What’s a big highlight or something significant that Danama has accomplished in the past year or so? Share away!

Danama: The album is a big accomplishment and we signed with the publishing company Epictronic to help promote and publish the album. We’re going to have many big things coming up in 2023, however, the biggest one within the next few weeks is the Album Launch Party. 

Unseen Plays: What can we expect from Danama in the next few months?

Danama: More music, more shows, more content!! 🙂 

Unseen Plays: What would you say you learned from the past few years together as a band? And what is musical success to you?

Danama: I think we’ve learned a lot about each other, how people work, what our strengths and weaknesses are, what we like, and what we don’t like. We have learned so much and we’ve become a lot closer over the years. Musical success is being happy with what you make. If your music still resonates with you in 2, 3, or 4 years, and you still get the same feeling, or goosebumps from your music, then you are successful. 

Unseen Plays: Last random and fun question for the band! If you could come up with a positive mantra for the entire band, what would that be? Or maybe you already have one?

Danama: We have no limits, believe in yourself and you can accomplish anything, 

Unseen Plays: All right, where can people find you online? Your most active social media platform.

You can check us out on Instagram @Danamaofficial and on any social media at danamaofficial.