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Closing a chapter to find a new one with Firefly Signals

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by | Apr 11, 2023

Unseen Plays: What’s up Firefly Signals! We are so ready to get to know you better and your music. Tell us a bit about FS! When did FS come together? Is this a full band or solo project? Where are you from? How did it all begin for you?

Firefly Signals: Hey! I`m so glad for the opportunity to talk about Firefly Signals here! I started FS as a solo project in 2023. I wanted to take full responsibility for the whole process for the first time. I don’t know if I would have done it if I knew how much it would stress me out though! 

Unseen Plays: What sort of tales and stories can we look forward to hearing from you? And where do they arise from? What inspired it all to come together for you lyrically and musically? 

Firefly Signals: I’m meditating a lot about important crossroads in my life at the moment. I think it’s important to stop living on Autopilot from time to time and find out where to go next. My diary is my best friend these days. I also want to start incorporating topics about animal rights in the future. I just wasn’t brave enough to do it right from the beginning.

Unseen Plays: We read somewhere that you crave to put out positive music into the world. Tell us a bit about that! Is this like your mission statement or motto for you?

Firefly Signals: I’m trying to create the Antithesis to everything I’ve done so far musically. I’ve mostly played in Metalcore bands. I still love to let out the aggression with music, but positive songs can be so powerful too! it would mean the world to me if I could just make some people feel good vibes.

Unseen Plays: What are some classic pop punk bands that inspired over the years? Any new bands you have discovered recently?

Firefly Signals: I still love the classics by Blink-182, Green Day, The Offspring and Sum 41, etc. These songs saved my life many times! But I discover so many cool newer bands every day too. So I try to incorporate both influences into my music. My favorite band from the past few years is Stand Atlantic I would say.

Unseen Plays: Let’s get into your latest single titled “Moving On”. We see this is your first song on Spotify. Tell us the significance of this song and what it’s all about.

Firefly Signals: It’s the first song I have ever released with Firefly Signals. So this was a huge and scary moment for me! I wrote the song to remind myself that sometimes we have to close a chapter to start something new in life. I was so afraid of bad feedback that I almost canceled the release to keep it as a song of my own. But now I’m proud that I made it to this point!

Unseen Plays: Moving On has such a great sound to it. Tell us a bit about how the production went down and how it all just came together the way it did. It just sounds so clean, crunchy, and heavy. Who was involved? 

Firefly Signals: Thank you! Luckily I had a pretty clear vision of the result. I involved my voice coach Fabio in the vocal production. He helped me a lot to create all those nice vocal layers. For the mix and master, I was lucky enough to work with Rhys Zacher from Spinlight Studio. He did a perfect job.

Unseen Plays: We think the graphics/artwork that went along with moving on is killer too. Tell us a bit about that, what made you pick those visual choices with the song?

Firefly Signals: I had this idea to use the rocket as a symbol of going to a new place. Making big changes also requires lots of discipline and endurance, skills that you would also need for a trip to space… I guess.

Unseen Plays: Do you play any shows in your area? How is the Austrian Pop Punk music scene? Can we expect any live shows from Firefly Signal in the future?

Firefly Signals: At the moment all the focus is on writing the best songs I possibly can! I dream of having a full band and playing gigs later. But it will take some time and much more work to make it possible.

Unseen Plays: Can we expect more music from FS this year? Anything we should know about new releases? What are some plans for the year 2023?

Firefly Signals: I don’t dare to give anything away at this point. Just that I am working hard on more music! I released ‘Moving On’ as a single instance, to get an idea of how the music will be perceived. If the feedback would have been very bad, I don’t know if I had the power to go on. Luckily it went even much better than expected!

Unseen Plays: What are some lessons you’ve learned so far from creating pop-punk music?

Firefly Signals: Pop Punk is a great genre to communicate honest thoughts. It is a genre that is very straightforward. Lyrics in other genres are often very abstract. I love to build a window into my mind through these words.

Unseen Plays: We always throw a random/fun question in at the end. Here we go. What is the longest you’ve ever gone without a shower? 

Firefly Signals: haha! I would not dare to go without a shower for more than a day, because I’m too afraid of what people think of me. 

Unseen Plays: All right, where can people find you online? Your most active social media platform.

Firefly Signals: At the moment I try to be active on Instagram and Youtube mainly. Would love to meet some new friends!