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Caitlin Lavagna and her form of therapy through music

Unseen Plays | Music Blog

Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Jul 5, 2023

Unseen Plays: Hey Caitlin, First off, so happy to have you and your music on Unseen Plays. Let’s start with your musical background. Where are you from? When did music begin for you?
Caitlin Lavagna: I am from South Wales and have a strong connection to Gibraltar. Honestly, I was probably singing when I came out of the womb haha! Some of my fondest and earliest memories of music and connecting with it range from saving up £5/£10 to go to Woolworths and buy myself an album for my Walkman, playing CDs in my dad’s car on the way to school/way home from school and singing along and also watching my Grandfather in his Male voice Choir concerts. Additionally, being surrounded by funky rhythms and culture visiting Gibraltar as a young child and performing little dances and songs for family there and in Wales. 

Unseen Plays: What inspires you to write music? Or to participate in such a thing in this lifetime?

Caitlin Lavagna: I think as an actress and artist, I enjoy sharing my experiences through music and acting and basically any form of storytelling. I enjoy the feeling when a person you barely know messages you or approaches you and says thanks for giving them a song to cry to or dance to that describes a relationship or time in their life they struggled to talk about. 

Unseen Plays: You’ve been around for a while. What is your purpose in this life with your music? What’s the most significant thing for you as a singer-songwriter?

Caitlin Lavagna: I think the most important thing for me is using music as a form of therapy or healing. As much as it makes me feel vulnerable and nervous releasing parts of me that I wouldn’t usually share with people, it also brings me joy and connection. If I can continue making music to heal and allow people to let go and relate to my lyrics, rhythms and melodies, I’ll consider myself successful. 

Unseen Plays: Let’s talk about your latest single. It seems to be quite different from your other tracks, for example, “How not to start a fight”. This new track titled “We Lost Track” is very intense and meaningful. Was this song made for someone close to you? Or what are we feeling on this track? 

Caitlin Lavagna: This is my first ballad. I wanted the song to represent losing something “perfect”. It’s a reflective song about how I gave too much of myself to someone and didn’t see my worth. It’s about me realising I was worth more than how I was treated. It’s about friendship, love and loss. I hope people connect to the song whilst enjoying its subtle rhythmic shifts and euphoric string arrangements. I have challenged myself and the track is beautiful. It was born out of a very beautiful relationship I had with the first person I truly loved. It ended very badly and still hurts to this day. I believe letting go of the emotional trauma it caused through music has helped me massively and hopefully will help others too. 

Unseen Plays: You have such a beautiful voice. What are some things you do to keep your vocals healthy and ready for performance?

Caitlin Lavagna: Thank you that’s so kind!! As an actress, I feel very lucky to have trained not only my singing voice but my speaking voice too. I warm up and cool down before and after every gig. If I am feeling under the weather I tend to steam in my doctor Nelson’s steamer before bed, with a pint of water and then sleep. I think sleep and hydration are the two easiest, free and important factors to a healthy voice. THAT and also the odd hot toddy and not freaking out too much about vocal health. I think many people make themselves ill by overthinking and almost making themselves ill. Most of it is in your head and if your mental health is good, your body is good too. So to sum up, eat what you want, drink what you want, enjoy your voice for what it is that day when you wake up and sing like it’s your last song. 

Unseen Plays: Do you write all your songs or collaborate with other songwriters, producers, etc.? How do you create your music?

Caitlin Lavagna: Usually collaborate. I have been used to writing with others more than on my own. I enjoy the process more and I think having an extra ear in a writing session is a good thing. I tend to voicenote little ideas of lyrics and melodies. I leave them be for a few weeks then if I go back to them and remember them or think of more to add to them, I’ll contact my good friend and co-writer Joe Rodwell. We go from there. I take over on drums/percussion and such and Joe focuses on making my ideas make sense on paper. It’s a process that seems to work at the moment and we both enjoy it. Joe produces and mixes it to a high standard then we send it off for Mastering. 

Unseen Plays: Last random question, just for fun! What’s a childhood candy you enjoyed in the past and enjoy now as an adult?

Caitlin Lavagna: As a child, on the beach in Gibraltar, there was a little sweet shop. I used to buy green melon sweets there. They were so bad for me and tasted great haha. Anytime I am back on the beach in Gib, I always try to buy one or two to remember their flavour and taste. It takes me back! 

Unseen Plays: Where can people find you online? Your most active social media platform.

Caitlin Lavagna: Type in my name, Caitlin Lavagna, on most social media and I’ll be there. Here are some clear links to help! 

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