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Music Advice: Are Spotify Playlist Services REAL or SCAM?

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

May 18, 2022

I bet that you’ve been searching for ways to land on some REAL Spotify playlists! Most artists are and I don’t blame you. You have a great song, now what? Well you got to get to promoting it and drift to the music business side of things. Not every artist enjoys this part, actually, I don’t think most do. So if you’re like me, I feel you! Today I want to discuss and give some of my personal advice about Spotify Playlist Services for the year 2022. Honestly, there are all sorts of different providers, some are good and some are bad and I just want to make that clear. Your job is to find the ones that are backed by real passionate people. Let’s jump in!

Looking for the right Signs – Pricing as a Factor

I think the first thing for you to consider is the price! As artists, we want to spend less and get more. We have small budgets and aren’t signed to any record label to help us. I get that! But let’s not forget the saying “You get what you pay for”. If the price is low and the promises are high I think it’s time to rethink working with any such Spotify playlist provider or service. Most legit Spotify Campaigns start at $300 and go up! Anything less that than that is a RED FLAG. Now, keep in mind that I am not talking about small playlist curators , I am talking about websites that over promise followers, plays and playlist placements. When you work with such providers they most likely won’t even provide the playlists they supposedly added your music to! Which is retarded. If your paying for playlist placement wouldn’t you want a list of where they heck your songs were added to? Most of these scammy playlist providers will ask you to check your Spotify Artist for the information but from my own experience, nothing ever happened when I subscribed. Which I think it’s time to get into my story!

I recently used “Mr.Spotfy” ( who offered me a certain amount of playlists placements and a guarantee which they FAILED TO DELIVER. After just a few days, I started to see RED FLAGS all around. From automated emails, bad customer service with no response for days and when they did respond they never answered my questions! And they kept sending me emails about bad link submissions. I paid $49 for a service that was honestly a big huge headache and loss of money. I am still currently fighting to get my money back. I share this with you so that you won’t have to go through all the bullshit scams out there! And if you scroll all the way to the bottom I am even going to help you with a FREE GUIDE that I am launching soon.

Hmmm… Guaranteed Plays and Followers?

Yeah, this one is pretty obvious but if you aren’t looking for plays and followers watch out for Spotify placement services that claim to give you a certain amount of non-bot plays and followers. They are still fake or in some ways scammy and it’s something you don’t want for your music if your looking to build a solid fan base. Now, if you want to purchase plays and followers that’s on you! But know that these aren’t real people or listeners and at the end of the day you should ask yourself if it’s even worth it and aligning with your music promotion/business/marketing goals.

Smaller Playlist Curators – Highly Recommended

Now I am not telling you this so that you can submit your music to Unseen Plays but I will tell you that smaller playlist curators work hard to find great music. They are searching for new music every few weeks because it’s what they love to do. Most playlist curators with their own “personal public playlists” are passionate about music and only want the best for the artists they hand pick or find through music submissions. If you get in contact with a good curator they also spend Facebook and Instagram ads to grow their playlists fan base. This means, they have real listeners and a real fan base for you as an artist! So where am I going with this? Well, I highly recommend you search for smaller curators who have a good amount of listeners and followers. They are budget friendly, usually one-time cost to be added to their playlists and if they like your music they might even add you their playlists even for FREE! It sucks to go out looking for playlists one by one but you are able to niche down and find the perfect playlists for your music this way. It takes time and effort but it’s worth your time in the long run and is a budget friendly option. You don’t have to get on a million playlists, you just got to get into a few really good ones!


I am currently working on a FREE pop playlist curators e-book that will list tons of great playlists to submit to! If you’d like to stay in touch for and be the first to download it just enter your email here and I will send you an update when it’s available.

Anyways, I hope this advice post help you on your Spotify Artist journey and I will make sure to post more advice on playlist placement in the months to come! You can also always submit to UNSEEN PLAY for FREE here.