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A hopeful renewal with Hoian’s latest single “In The Ring”

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

Mar 13, 2023

Hoian takes us on a hopeful embrace through her first and newest single titled “In The Ring”. A London-based singer-songwriter from Merseyside, this musical project guides us through an intimate period of loss and renewal. With lyrics such as “re-building my house again” and “Knock me down and count to two I’m gonna be alright, alright now,” we are taken back up from the bottom. A poetic and dreamy song filled with comforting vocals and glistening guitars, In The Ring, is the most meaningful letter addressed to self.

Hoian adds “‘In The Ring’ was written in response to having two miscarriages last year and the feeling of being stuck in a painful time loop. However, I wanted the song to still feel hopeful. It was essentially written as a pep talk to myself to embrace the fear and move forward.”

Truly a remarkable track that will loosen tight fists and relax the anxieties that the world may bring into your path. We wish Hoian the utmost success and hope for more sterling songs such as this. We are your fans for life!

You can listen to Hoian’s latest single titled “In The Ring” below and through our Unseen Plays Playlist here:

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Photo credit: Fliss Barsky