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A containment of warmth and beauty in Nat Vazer’s latest single Born

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Written by Tori AKA Rebel

May 24, 2023

With plenty of warm sounds, Nat Vazer also brings us sharp edges to play with in her latest song “Born”. All it takes is a few replays of this song to realize that somewhere in between the lyrics there is a containment of all the temporary emotions and devastating endings you could tolerate as a human being.

Nat Vazer is an Australian singer-songwriter who remarkably uses words and a guitar to make our hearts listen closely. With a premiere at Under The Radar on April 13,2023 this song is still gaining momentum due to its relatability and its folky dreamy essence. According to the artist, Born is meant to remind us to not take so long, to take chances, for they are all naturally temporary.

Compared to some of her past tracks and albums, Nat is also reinventing herself by moving away from her usual indie sound. Instead, she is stepping into a folk terrain that encompasses a more intimate intention. While it’s different, it almost feels like everything has led to this one track. We can’t wait to see where she develops from here. We hope an album will emerge with the same warmth and beauty found within Born.

You can listen to Nat Vazer’s latest single “Born” below or on our Unseen Playlist:

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Photo Credit: Benjamin Joel, Time is a Mother