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10 New Pop Songs That Should Be On Your Radio

Jun 29, 2022 | News, Pop

We are always out and looking for great music and trying to find your next favorite songs. Today we are going to showcase 10 pop songs and artists we think should be on your radio.

The songs we chose are in no particular order and we aren’t going to comment or rate them (we will leave those for our short music reviews instead). We will let you be the judge of whether or not you dig em! We’ve included the artist name and spotify link to listen to their music. Cheers!


1. valleygirl

Our favorite song by valleygirl: glitterheart

Our favorite line in the song: “I walk down my block like I know where I am going, turn up my song until I feel like I’m floating.”


2. Neriah

Our favorite song by Neriah: Lego Blocks

Our favorite line in the song:Stop treating girls like toys, you stupid boy.”


3. Raria

Our favorite song by Raria: Kill You Boy

Our favorite line in the song:Just wait until I tell my brother, you won’t wanna fuck me over.”


4. Adam Pastel

Our favorite song by Adam: OVERTHINKING

Our favorite line in the song:You got me overthinking,I’ll love you from a distance.”


5. Jessiqa Jones

Our favorite song by Jessiqa: REHAB?

Our favorite line in the song: “Used to call it love, should have cut you off, before I got attached cause now I just relapse.”


6. Finn O’ Hara

Our favorite song by Finn: Silhouette

Our favorite line in the song: How many times do I ignore the same warning?Feels like I’m repeating a cycle of mourning.”


7. Tori BLK

Our favorite song by Tori: When You Said

Our favorite line in the song: “And I never thought we would change, I never thought our hearts could break so bad.


8. Zach Benson

Our favorite song by Zach: crowd

Our favorite line in the song: “I wanna be up in a crowd, hearing my songs, hearing them loud.”


9. dreamfone

Our favorite song by dreamfone: body like gossip

Our favorite line in the song: I’m caught between the static and the magic that I’m feeling with you.”


10. Anna Mae

Our favorite song by Anna: Hallelujah

Our favorite line in the song:What do you want from me baby? I’m going crazy,I’m giving this all that I’ve got.”