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In a new collaboration with Right Chord Music, Unseen Plays is joining the right chord family

Mar 11, 2023 | Annoucements

We’ve joined Right Chords Music Indie Collective

We are excited to announce that Unseen Plays has joined the RCM Indie Collective! Taking this move allows us to continue to fulfill our mission, “To bring unseen music to the forefront”. We will continue to work hard on behalf of artists and bands around the world. To provide a space where they can grow and reach fans for their music!

Who & What is Right Chords Music?

The RCM Indie Collective was created by the Right Chord Music Blog (ranked 4th in Feedspot’s top 50 indie music blogs and websites). It allows musicians to pick up editorial support from multiple press outlets (Blogs, Podcasts, Playlists and even Radio Stations) all from one FREE submission.

Here is a quick list of some RCM Indie Collective Members

  • Right Chord Music Blog
  • Right Chord Music Playlists
  • Blackmarket Playlists
  • Bored City
  • Eclectic Ear Candy
  • Euphonixx
  • Heresiarch Music Reviews
  • Indie Music Women
  • Iraina Mancini (Soho Radio)
  • Lost In The Nordics
  • Lost On Radio Playlist
  • Pop Passion Blog
  • Pretty White Blog
  • Rats On The Run Blog
  • The Daydream Club Presents Podcast
  • Tonitruale Blog
  • Unseen Plays Blog
  • Unseen Plays Podcast
  • Up & Coming Blog Blog
  • We Make Music Playlists

“The RCM Indie Collective makes it easier for musicians to get heard and allows us to champion even more incredible new and undiscovered artists,” explains Right Chord Music founder Mark Knight.

Read Case Studies and Join RCM today!

You can read case studies and success stories here. If you are a music blogger, playlister, DJ or live promoter interested in joining The RCM Indie Collective please get in touch here.